Zysco Yukui year billion QFII shareholders holdings douke

Zysco Yukui year billion QFII shareholders to reduce the hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: zysco Yukui year billion QFII shareholders holdings the each by each reporter intern reporter Zhang Mingshuang Ceng Jian in recent years, continued to decline in the profitability of the steel industry led to a number of listed steel enterprises losses, was wearing a hat ST even in the market edge, the Central Plains Steel is one of them. The investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2 *ST) reporter noted that in (002423, SZ) released late October 13th three quarterly report, for the year 2016 the company needs downstream customers sluggish, the market competition is fierce, the products lack of orders, expected annual revenue declined; without considering the company disclosed preliminary the disposal of assets and other factors, the year 2016 is expected to net profit for the loss of 100 million yuan to 120 million yuan". The first three quarters of this year loss of nearly 90 million and 13 in the evening, *ST ultra announcement shows that companies in the third quarter of 2016 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 40 million 760 thousand yuan loss, before the three quarter has accumulated losses of 89 million 530 thousand yuan, estimated annual loss of 100 million yuan to 120 million yuan. Previously, due to the year 2014, Zhongyuan special steel 2015 annual net losses for two consecutive years, the stock changes referred to as the "*ST". If the company’s audited net profit for the year 2016 is still negative, the company’s shares will be suspended from the date of the announcement of the annual report of 2016. In accordance with the provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange "Listing Rules", after the suspension of listing, if failed to disclose the first annual report after the suspension of listing within the statutory time limit, or suspend the listing after the first annual report of the company net profit is negative, the company’s shares will face termination of market risk. 13 evening, each by the investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2 *ST) reporter as an investor call in, the securities department staff said, the company is through the sale of equity assets to avoid losses, but eventually can suspend the listing is not clear. Reporters also noted that *ST special 2016 semi annual report of the new shareholders of QFII Societe Generale has quietly quit the ranks of the top ten tradable shareholders. The time of Societe Generale had appeared in a number of A shares of the company ten shareholders list, including *ST, *ST, *ST in Hengli Kunming Machine and *ST Xinji 4 ST stock. The second quarter of this year, Societe Generale to buy *ST in 675 thousand and 595 shares (representing 0.13% of total equity), the company has become the eighth largest shareholder, and the number of shares tenth shareholders Li Bailin *ST in three quarterly disclosure of 657 thousand and 200 shares, thus, Societe Generale Bank has third quarter holdings of *ST shares. Under the pressure to sell equity assets under the pressure of delisting, *ST special accelerated the pace of asset sales. On the evening of October 12th, *ST released a special相关的主题文章: