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Zheng Shuang Liu Shishi on the feet of this pair of shoes ugly adorable I heard a very good wear lead: a "smile" will focus very little girl character Zheng Shuang once again bring some news headlines, in addition to the previously lost cool every time but with the strength to speak. No matter how the negative gossip pass, cool sister’s mentality is a powerful drop, even if it is thin to the pants can not stand up, people use a word list of the state: there is no distress. Cool girl did not look at the cool girl trouble PW street, in addition to a black or a black, this pair of black boots on the feet is her favorite, feeling passes through the four seasons. Zheng Shuang’s boots and this pair of ugly Meng Meng shoes from Rick Owens! Is the perverse weird designer. Rick Owens is known as the genius of the "Crazy" designer, perhaps you did not know, in the spring and summer of 2016 women on the show, Rick ‘"human windmill" behavior: Rick Owens spring 2016 dress series so fantastic design, won the fashion trendsetter and star of love, like your love G-Dragon: Quan Zhilong Obama freaky Li Xiaolu and gulina Karzai invariably wore new this year coming out of the airport: Li Xiaolu coulee nuozha相关的主题文章: