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Zhao Xiangbin: fed boots landing gold and silver upward trend emerged Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, buy funds pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The much anticipated FOMC finally ended, the biggest mystery in the financial market the Fed announced; the dollar index plummeted and halt the troops and wait for non US and precious metals and even crude oil up significantly. After sweeping the various varieties of financial markets, if the face of the latter trend is the key, we believe that there are several aspects of the need to pay attention to. 1 interpretation of the interest rate hike behind the first increase in interest rates do not raise interest rates on the grounds that the economy is waiting for more evidence of improvement, before deciding to wait for a period of time. This shows that the market is consistent with the decision of the Federal Reserve announced the results of the decision to prove that the economy has improved from employment and inflation to economic growth indicators. Secondly, although not to raise interest rates but to raise interest rates in the future is assured in 14 is expected before the end of at least a 17 interest rate rise making policy; based on these judgments on the basis that the Fed’s policy statement shows that the job market continues to increase; Yellen also said that if no new risk. This year is expected to raise interest rates again. Third, the interest rate hike is not behind the reasons for the increase in interest rates in the future to strengthen the affirmative, but the opportunity window of time, from the proportion of interest rates to see the interest rate hike in favor of members from one to the three. To be sure that a sound interest rate is very hawkish. 2 interest rate hike release varieties rebound time first, the Fed rate hike does support non us precious metals and oil prices rebound, also created the space and basis of these species rebound, we can confirm that the rebound will continue for a period of time. This is the substantive impact of fundamental changes, should be given a positive response to the trend. Secondly, the dollar index substantial retracement, but the drop in the short term interest rate after the Fed does not echo bad, hiding in the back of the U.S. economy continues to improve and go data, although is not raising interest rates but a full statement after the Fed Hawks will tell the market is still in a strong dollar. Third, the rebound in the variety of time will be maintained on the basis of poor performance of the Fed’s economic data, so the market fundamentals will once again return to the impact of economic data. This change will have a very negative impact on the variety of the rebound. How to look at the properties of 3 varieties of rebound in the first, precious metals rebound shows the Bulls took the opportunity to form a strong buying interest in the above $1300; this is typical of the long bull market pattern should, therefore not the depth adjustment has become an inevitable trend. Such a strong trend will change the rhythm, even in December may not be able to raise interest rates to adjust the depth of gold and silver. Secondly, the rebound in oil prices is more significantly reduce crude oil inventories, exceeded market expectations of the holdings data, contrast is too big and affected by the Fed does not raise interest rates, oil prices to stabilize at $43 is at the bottom of the stage provides evidence and verification of the largest. Third, the foreign exchange market varieties of anti相关的主题文章: