Zhang Wanyue profit so simple, why can’t you grasp Two sets of investment options for you to choose douke

Zhang Wanyue: "profit" so simple, why can’t you grasp? Two sets of investment options for you to choose the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! [Objective] on the top of the market, always choose more than hard, with the teacher, with the list, list of money to do steady, Wei letter zwy3201, investment Many a little make a mickle.! Only for profit, the other is virtual, money is king. Do you make money? You said the strength will be able to bring me to make money? Just enter the market many investors will ask, I can tell you: if a proper method, you can try to cooperate with the, can get higher than any investment income, if the method is not correct, you do not listen to the command, may cause your loss. I have the following methods as a simple analysis: spot investment market is a very attractive market, the price of every day will be fluctuations, while rising, while we are falling, according to price fluctuations, buy low, sell high, get a difference of profit, but if we judge how to do wrong? 1, for example, we buy up, and prices suddenly fell, how would you deal with? You might think that prices will rise sooner or later. If you think it is very wrong, if you have abundant funds, buy small positions, can do this, if you buy the 10[%] positions, the risk is big, then I recommend investors to buy, set a good stop price, once the wrong direction, immediately stop out, can a small loss, but must not be burned. 2, ready to buy and sell. We buy silver, if the profit can be sold immediately, pocket for security. When we trade, many hold 3 minutes, that is, after buying, the price volatility, and then immediately out of profit. 3, the customer from this market operation: there are two kinds of people can make a profit: one is a novice, veteran. Novice because they do not understand the technical analysis, fully follow the teacher’s advice to operate (of course, here the teacher refers to the professional responsible teacher), can be profitable. Veteran because of technical analysis, fundamental analysis has a correct judgment, experience more, but also profitable. Only in the process of transformation from novice to expert, there may be a loss, at this stage, investors have learned some knowledge, overbearing, impulsive, and this is the main reason for the loss. In fact, as long as the grasp of the above three points, the market is very simple profit. Why do you always earn less pay more! Mr. Zhang to help you analyze the reasons! Silver 20W] operation strategy in view of the present state of the market, a lot of people do investment is very confused, do that this fear, afraid of the wolf scared the tiger, in fact there is definitely a risk investment, no matter what kind of investment, so don’t be afraid of the recent market, surely we can see, the daily fluctuations are large, as long as you grasp the 30[%] I want to have a considerable profit. As to what kind of investment, I do not have to say. First of all相关的主题文章: