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Yum Chinese announced the prospectus: Chinese stores dropped in September 21st focused Western-style food field late, coming from Yum (NYSE:YUM) spin out a separate listing of Yum China (future stock code: NYSE:YUMC) announced the prospectus, detailed disclosure of the future plan of Yum China, also first mentioned development under both Oriental White and little sheep two Chinese brand. According to the prospectus, as of the end of last year, East Dawning only 15 stores in china. For the brand, yum Chinese more bluntly "not be regarded as significant growth engine"; and another Chinese brand little sheep at home and abroad a total of 250 stores, of which more than 200 are franchised stores. Last year, yum China $6 billion 900 million in annual revenues, EBITDA of approximately $1 billion, net profit of $323 million. "Although consumer tastes are changing, but with the China expanding middle class, eating out family annual income is growing exponentially, the company will continue to focus on the core consumer market, further China mainland, newly opened more stores." Yum said China. Right and limited in September 2nd, yum announced Chunhua capital and the payment service agreement, after the two together to Yum Chinese investment of $460 million, the investment will be split and yum yum and China simultaneously, is expected to be completed in October 31st this year. According to the prospectus, to be listed to Chinese yum yum shareholders issued 10 million ordinary shares, the highest price of $5.405 per share calculation, eventually raising $54 million 50 thousand for Yum China. After the split of China Yum exclusive ownership including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell three brands in China operation and re licensing rights, authorization for a period of 50 years (after 50 years, at the same time extend automatically) China also Yum own both Oriental White and little sheep two brands. In addition, yum yum also agreed to put forward relevant China. According to the prospectus disclosure, after the listing of Yum Chinese, each month will not only make the net sales of 3% paid to Yum Brands, as the license fee; at the same time, yum China must also have a certain fee for marketing, advertising and branding and product promotion. In addition, the prospectus also mentioned, as the exclusive authorized KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell three brands in Chinese, yum yum gives a China to the development of franchise rights, but also must meet certain requirements Chinese Yum index. For example, the provisions of the agreement before December 31, 2022, yum Chinese must be open enough to a certain number of Taco Bell stores, otherwise it will lose in China exclusive Taco Bell brand rights. It is reported that the first half of this year, yum China overall revenue of $2 billion 891 million, operating profit of $296 million, an increase of 37%, mainly due to KFC’s comparable store sales growth of 7% to offset the decline of 12% pizza hut. Chinese food stores dropped compared to its Chinese China Yum brand becomes a bit "fate", did not publish detailed plans for the development of both Oriental White and little sheep.相关的主题文章: