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Yueyang man suspected of "money laundering" is the whole network wanted? Amazing truth! China Miluo network (reporter Li Ping Li Ya) Han is the office phone, a row of bank cards on the table are spread out. At this time, the window was closed suddenly pushed open, came a break drink: do not disclose information, the other is a telecommunications fraud……" September 22nd, according to the Miluo police station according to the police report, layers of tracking, successfully stop a telecommunications fraud, for the parties to avoid a significant economic losses. The same day, the higher authorities to investigate the arrest of a forged criminal arrest warrant of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate, involving the staff was actually a unit of Miluo han. Received notification, the police attach great importance to righteousness, rapid investigation, the parties made contact, but found that the phone has been in a call, the police may forecast Han calls and fraudsters. "The parties must be found immediately to stop fraud". Through investigation and questioning, the police finally found the address of a Korean work unit. At this time, Mr. Han was sitting in a closed room, and fraudsters continued to call 3.5 hours, fraudsters on behalf of Shanghai Public Security said, "Han suspected of money laundering". What Han It is sheer fiction., initially calm. But when he entered the web site, see the official website of the Shanghai procuratorate has posted a photo of his arrest warrant, involuntarily began to worry about being wronged. According to the requirements of fraud so he closed network, shut the doors and windows, and has been and keep the call, when Han is preparing to transfer to deposit their "security accounts", the police broke into the house, in time to prevent the occurrence of the fraud. Miluo city public security organs to remind the masses, the police will not call someone by phone, to be vigilant to prevent deception. Prevention of telecommunications fraud, be sure to do not believe, do not disclose, do not transfer three no principle, once found deceived, to immediately report to the local public security organs. (source: Miluo, China)相关的主题文章: