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Yueyang, a 15 year old street robbery is not short of money because of boredom (original title: Yueyang street robbery for the age of 15 years for this simple reason) what do you do when you are bored? Reading, surfing the Internet, about friends together, these are a good choice. But the day before yesterday morning, the police station in the East Mao Ling has caught a man who was robbed in the street because of boredom, and he robbed the reason is simply because of boredom and fun. In August 21st, Dong Mao Ling police station received the alarm, a student said in the Pedestrian Street North Road by several men robbed of cash and mobile phone on the body was stolen, after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to investigate, through the transfer of relevant monitoring, locked the suspect, and in Internet cafes will be one of the suspects the Lee captured. According to the suspect was arrested Lee confessed that they were verbally threatened to the students, because more pedestrian street people, they will be taken to a remote place to carry out robbery. Lee is 15 years old, not short of money, when the implementation of the robbery, just because of boredom, I think this is more fun, I did not expect this play to play into the police station. He is now very regret, feel sorry for their parents. Police investigators suggested that the majority of parents, to strengthen the child’s family education and social education. Currently, Lee has been under criminal detention, several other suspects, the public security organs are being pursued. (the Yueyang Ding Yu) video recommendation: hot, hard to sleep, a rich kid feel boring drunk to "gun robbery相关的主题文章: