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You lost the wallet   abroad; WeChat to raise money for the ticket   do you believe? Chongqing windows — Zhou Qi "issued during the emergency arena to make mobile phone screenshot day in WeChat, Yuzhong District Zhou Qi free European tour pal embarrassment! Wallet and bank card lost,. In desperation, she issued a "wild emergency order" in WeChat, borrow money to return ticket. Just two or three hours, she borrowed 6000 yuan to buy a ticket back to Chongqing, well, today is expected to return to Chongqing. Emergency WeChat borrow ticket money on the evening of 6, Jiulongpo Ms. Feng in the brush circle of friends, find in Lijiang more than two years ago, Chongqing has a "tour pal Zhou Qifa lakes emergency order, hope netizens can borrow money to help her return. Zhou Qi said that he is currently in Czech’s capital Prague, lost wallet, bank card, ID card and money no, only a passport. Although it has been reported to the local police and the relevant departments to seek help, but because she was penniless, hungry for a day, hope netizens can borrow money through WeChat bought her ticket back to Chongqing, she will return home after one by one. "She is a senior management of a Dance Tour pal, training in the Longhu times street, often in the circle of friends to travel to upload photos. In September 28th, she arrived in Germany is also a circle of friends reported peace, did not expect such a thing happened." The day before yesterday, Ms. Feng told reporters, in that Zhou Qi is in urgent need of money, own to the other 200 yuan WeChat red envelopes, and forwarded the information for help, hope to get more help Zhou qi. In case of loss of money trapped to return Chongqing the day before yesterday, the reporter by WeChat contacted the 34 year old Zhou Qi. According to the display in the circle of friends photos and small screen, she played a few days later in Germany to Czech Prague. Upload query from the passport, she is at the end of the month outbound destination for germany. Zhou Qi said that his trip abroad has done a good job, mainly to Germany to participate in the activities of the festival, after the end of the way to Prague and Croatia to play a few days, and then fly home. However, arrived in Prague on October 4th, second days to play back to the hotel, suddenly found the lost wallet. There are 2000 euros and more than $1000 in the bag, as well as two bank cards and identity cards." Zhou Qi said she immediately contacted the bank to freeze the bank card, and the police for help. However, the matter so that she did not have the mood and no money to travel according to the established itinerary, then prepared to buy tickets from Prague to chongqing. But no money to turn WeChat for money and cards are lost, the money to buy tickets? Fortunately, because of fear before the mobile phone lost or stolen brush, Zhou Qi binding on WeChat bank card without going abroad, then make a long distance to the far the mother, let her help to the trustee card transfers to the solution as pressing danger. I have been staying in the hotel waiting for transfer, but hungry for a day, my mother has not been entrusted with my WeChat, but did not play." Zhou Qi said, seeing the hotel will expire, she was tired and hungry, but in the afternoon of 6 issued a "wild emergency order" to borrow money to go home in the WeChat circle of friends. "Someone"相关的主题文章: