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You can’t hold it at all! What attitude can best tease the man girl in the cartoon girl would tease men, they not only have a lovely face, but also has more hot body, with attractive amorous attitude, enough to let the men hold! What kind of gestures are the ones that are the most annoying, so that the men can’t hold them at all? Recently, the Japanese media have conducted a survey. Semi – sexy dew chest "wear revealing clothes, close to me." (26 year old medical industry office) "to show the cause of wear clothes line close to me, because it feels like in front of me." (28 year old food and beverage technician) – lifted the hair "lifted the hair with the neck, because there is usually the hair cover, so the neck exposed is especially colored gas." (29 other) "the hair pulled up." (26 years precision instrument salesman) – cross legged "legs folded together. When wearing a short skirt, it is particularly concerned with the bottom of the skirt. " (33 year old precision instrument technician) "legs overlap, because I am a leg control." (27 year old drug cosmetics clerk) – completely relaxed "sleepy eye rubbing gesture, defenseless looks very attractive." (37 year old medical doctor) "bath wear yukata best attitude." (36 retail salesman) – close to the male attitude hold "my arm or on my chest." (28 year old IT technician) "drunk on me or hold me." (38 year old trading office) Tencent download anime APP, see more popular animation works

根本把持不住!妹子的哪些姿態最能撩漢子動漫中的妹子都很會撩漢子,她們不但擁有可愛的臉,而且還能擁有更加熱辣的身材,配上風情萬種的誘人姿態,足以讓漢子們把持不住!那麼妹子們擺出哪種姿態最能惹火,讓漢子們根本把持不住呢?近日,有日本媒體對此進行了調查。■半露酥胸“穿露出胸口的衣服,向我靠近。”(26歲 醫療業 內勤)“穿能展現出事業線的衣服靠近我,因為這樣感覺像在誘惑我。”(28歲 食品飲料 技朮員)■撩起頭發“撩起頭發露出脖子,因為平時有頭發遮擋,所以脖子露出來時會特別有色氣。”(29歲 其他 其他)“將頭發撩起來。”(26歲 精密儀器 業務員)■雙腿交疊“腿交疊在一起。穿著短裙時,特別讓人在意裙底。”(33歲 精密儀器 技朮員)“雙腿交疊在一起,因為我是腿控。”(27歲 藥品化妝品 業務員)■完全放松的表情“困倦時揉眼睛的姿態,無防備的樣子非常誘人。”(37歲 醫療業 醫生)“洗完澡穿著浴衣的姿態最好。”(36歲 零售店 推銷員)■緊貼男性的姿態“挽著我的手臂,或者靠在我胸口時。”(28歲 IT業 技朮員)“喝醉了靠在我身上或者抱住我的姿態。”(38歲 商社 內勤)點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: