Yi Jianlian, a family of three to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the United States built luxu-小坂めぐる

Yi Jianlian, a family of three to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the United States built luxury? (Figure) – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 19th, a Connell company customized residential social networking platform has released a set of three Yi Jianlian family photos laying ceremony for the new house, seems to be in the United States will have a new house. The name is Connell (Cornell custom homes custom residential company) is dedicated to customer service customized housing company, they can according to customer needs to build a house, but the company in the industry is very famous, from design to construction process have a high awareness of their clients, including a lot of entertainment, sports star. Recently, Connell custom housing company announced four photos on the social platform, the protagonist is a photo of a family of three mouth. As can be seen from the photos, Yi Jianlian, along with his wife and children. Everyone holding a shovel, also put on the table with the construction safety helmet worn, the table is used to celebrate the balloons, and behind them will be used for the construction of excavators. After the simple laying ceremony ceremony, Yi Jianlian couple together dug the first shovel of soil under a new house, a very interesting thing, their son is sitting behind the excavator. Connell wrote: "proud to announce that the new member of the Losangeles Lakers, Yi Jianlian, has become a new customer to our company. In addition, Connell customized residential companies also deliberately paid attention to the account of the social platforms such as Yi Jianlian, the lakers. Although so far, there is no official confirmation of the house is Yi Jianlian, but there are indications that this should be the new mansion in the United States in the United States, Yi Jianlian. In fact, Yi Jianlian has a real estate in the United States, he has a house in Losangeles, but before the Brazil Olympics, Yi Jianlian’s second child was born, Yi Jianlian obviously want to have a larger house to take care of his two children.相关的主题文章: