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Yi cavity into the campus (Figure) – Jiangxi channel: people.com.cn original title: Yi cavity into the campus (Figure) Lin Xihuai to guide the children to practice music. Yiyang chamber Art Protection Center, the young actor Wu Yaoli took the children away. To learn seriously. Hand handle. Yi cavity spread nearly a thousand years, also called Yiyang cavity. Originated in Yiyang Province, is China’s ancient traditional opera. Drama, sing ReadDo play is the basic skills of actors. In Yiyang County, Yijiang town second primary school, every week there will be such a Yiyang cavity courses, students are about 10 years old children. Ye Xuezhi, 11, is a student of grade four. The basic training class, Yuanchang, kick, stature, fingering…… Learn seriously, practice very hard, until the sweat down her cheeks, still insist on the teeth. As for Ye Xuezhi, the child of this age, they may not understand what is the Opera Tradition, but with a heart of indistinct love, just like that is hard and happy to learn to sing, read, do. Yiyang cavity is a national intangible cultural heritage, but also facing business insufficiency, lean, Houjifaren. For the protection and inheritance of Yiyang chamber of art, 2011 Yiyang county set up a special Yiyang chamber Art Conservation Center, selected 30 Yiyang Chamber Opera seedling from school selection, arrangement of performance center has not deployed young actors, and the Yiyang provincial heritage chamber, the 74 year old retired teacher troupe of Yiyang actor Lin Xihuai walked into the campus, Yiyang cavity the theory and practice of teaching for the children of two classes per week, protection, inheritance and development of this traditional art. Recently, the reporter walked into the Yiyang Chamber Opera class, see the children left a took the teacher Lin she look at his music practice achievements, the right one took her to Yiyang painting cavity character mask. With the Yiyang cavity for a lifetime to deal with Lin Xihuai said, often see these lovely children, he was placed in a happy world to teach Yiyang cavity. Perhaps in the near future, in the Yiyang cavity stage, will be active in the shadow of these children. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: