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Yatai Tieshuai ashore will grow about leaving the team and top goalscorer will discuss his contract Li Zhangzhu (data plan) bingshen year September thirty, this day, the territory of Jilin province Piaoqi the snow, Changchun is once more snow in Jilin Province, the three top occupation league team "taxuexinmei", started a war the most important season the continuation of war, from half past two in the afternoon to night, the three teams have win, first Changchun football season, 3 1 Lectra Tianjin women’s Football League runner up, lock! Then 1 more than 0 Changchun Yatai Shanghai Shenhua, with a four game winning streak, declared successful relegation! Jilin Northeast tigers in the absence of small foreign aid under the condition of opening 101 to 83 victory over the Jiangsu team! Almost at the same time, Jilin Province, another top occupation league team Yanbian flight to Hangzhou, although the draw, but also played the momentum, and send Hangzhou Greentown downgrade! Home court 1 0 Lectra Shenhua Yatai relegation once again staged a miracle ending the 2013 season finale, Yatai had staged a miracle of relegation. Three years later, relegation once again staged a miracle! Last night in the final game, with the winner Changchun Shuai, Yatai in 1 home court 0 Lectra Shanghai Shenhua, the ultimate success of relegation. Because Luneng and Jianye both lose, "Li Jun" over the final two teams ranked twelfth in the league. Who is the "city hero"? Answer: shuai! Because of the heavy snow, the stadium is very slippery. Yatai sent the full lineup, Shuai first stage, compared to other locations and round without any change. Shenhua, Moreno, Bai Jiajun, Qin Sheng, Li Jianbin and other more than the main because of injury and suspension did not come Changchun. The beginning of the game, fighting posture Yatai to storm. Seventeenth minutes, Shenhua formed single ball in the back, Gaudi tuishe yuanjiao, who was goalkeeper struggling, an amazing scene. But with the deepening of the game, Yatai dominated the offensive. The fans in the stands are more concerned about the other relegation battle field. 30 minutes into the game, while the other side has not yet Yatai break, came the goal Greentown news, TEDA also in the first 1 to 0 lead, 0 to 0 with the Liaoning Suning ankylose. If the score remained to the end, then will be demoted yatai. Start anxious moments in the fans, Changchun "hero city" was born, Shuai strongly oblique restricted area on the left side of the far corner succeeded. This ball of extraordinary significance, means to grasp the initiative in the relegation yatai. Easy side battles, Yatai got many good opportunities, Jiang Zhe shot hit the post. Yanbian Greentown super news, Yatai stabilize the ground, after 3 minutes after the last 1 to 0 victory over Shenhua, ending four consecutive wins, firmly grasp their own destiny. The attendance record high this year Changchun snow yesterday evening temperatures plunged, the stadium real-time temperature dropped to minus 5 DEG C. Ultra low temperature but can not stop the enthusiasm of the fans, the relegation battle of life and death, the stadium into two super fans, attendance and home court against rival Yanbian, the highest for this year. Let the soldiers Changchun An important juncture of life and death, fans who feel their enthusiasm, the game has never stopped their cries. A passionate fans even red.相关的主题文章: