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Yao Chenting pregnant belly to buy buy buy exposes husband love to a sexy underwear Sina entertainment news the day before, Chen Yao [micro-blog] and stylist Lucia Chen Yao in the hundred days of shooting, abdominal Hyun Ji "two people selected pregnant women to wear a shopping together. Both meet opened a love to kill mode, in addition to PK fashion clothing collocation skill, is uninterrupted and mutual loss make poor put scripts. When it comes to bestie shopping together, two people expressed by common consent "never", the reason is that Chen Yao was "too busy" Lucia "too expensive", and "mutual dislike" each other’s style and taste. In the clothing store, Chen Yao because the body changes of dress to despair, Lucia immediately answer: "you can try to hang on." When Lucia fancy clothes and said "this is actually quite suitable for me", "Chen Yao bluntly replied:" it’s too long for you to wear, can be used in the studio floor." In the program, Chen Yao and Lucia were selected in the fashion shop they think the most fashionable looking maternity, a simple down to earth, a bold fashion, the two side edge pick clothes tease each other, after a mouth cannon began to get out of hand, many private secrets leaked along the mouth. In the selection of underwear link, Chen Yao revealed that he felt underwear is very important, it is like a woman’s second layer of skin, is a way for women to pamper themselves. She also revealed her husband Cao Yu usually love to send her sexy lingerie, to go abroad to work when there is free will swept the high-grade underwear store, the clerk asked that curiosity is for the same person, exclaimed: "your wife happy!" This program on the line less than a day to nearly 200 thousand hits, eat melon masses after seeing the video said "practical and funny" bestie minutes circle powder the love to kill.相关的主题文章: