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Yang Yang’s birthday will be the first song fan feedback free tickets Yang Yang Sina entertainment news with the arrival of September 9th, Yang Yang [micro-blog] officially ushered in his 25 years old. The day before, he starred in the TV series "smiled very little" just ending, in addition to the actor’s job, 25 year old birthday Eve, Yang Yang also challenged the different work more fresh, more abundant, launched his first book of the "free -YOUNG", and released a new single individual rock jazz wind "love is a crazy word". It is reported that the evening of September 10th will be held at the Beijing Workers Stadium, Yang Yang 2016 free -YOUNG birthday party, the scene will be the first to sing the new song, "love is a crazy word" on the evening of. In addition, the birthday scene and each link not only meticulously, there will be even more unexpected surprises Yang Yang airborne scene, the whole activity in a warm, relaxed atmosphere for fans and Yang Yangling contact distance. "Yang Yang 2016 free -YOUNG birthday party" is currently preparing the wildly beating gongs and drums, whether Yang Yang or birthday will always protect his fans, are very meaningful, there are nearly five thousand fans for their birthday party that night, in order to give the fans to maximize the benefits, the birthday will not only all the tickets for free complimentary tickets, also prepared a gift for fans intimate admission. It is reported that, Yang Yang 2016 YOUNG birthday party will be held on September 10th 19:30 in Beijing workers stadium.相关的主题文章: