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Yang Xingxin: did not play against his opponent: the advantage is also very strong two fierce fight against sina sports news on October 22nd, unified oil -WBA China occupation boxing champions league in Ningxia Yinchuan zhenbeipu "(YinChuan Railway Station)" on the second day of the game. WBC ABCO and WBA PABA subordinate subordinate intercontinental champion Yang Xingxin in the 147 pounds and Kazakhstan player Nur Sultan in the game, for the vacant WBA China institutions 154 pounds of gold belt defeat, suffered fifth defeats of the occupation career. Yang Xingxin after the defeat of his own summary, he said, today, I got a lot of punches, we should say that the two sides fight 10 rounds. My hand has been relatively heavy, but today after feeling did not play out the distance is always wrong, in addition to the strength of the opponent is better, after each hit me, my body will be driven by him, lead my own strength to force is not sufficient, it is also a cause of lose fist." Yang Xingxin in the game despite the suppression of opponents, but he is also the exchange in return, Yang Xingxin said: "I can hit him in the fight boxing comeback, but I feel too light, can not play the effect." The last round in the game, Yang Xingxin courage, for an exchange, but when 2 seconds left, was knocked down by his opponent, strong reading for 8 seconds, about this lead to lose fist attack, Yang Xing said, I thought I lost about 2-3 rounds, so I want to come back again spell it, but could not grasp. The Kazakhstan players are very good in technology and experience, consciousness is also very prominent, although I am taller than him, but he is not as powerful as, to play their own advantages, and he played his rhythm, I all followed him." Nur, who won the game, left a deep impression on Mr. Yang Xingxin. According to the white horse coach: Nur Sultan is the eldest of the 6 brothers, their family is very poor, according to the WBA China agency prize, Nur winner zuhal can get tax 24000 yuan, and promote a coach into after, he can get money to one family life for half a year. It is reported that Yang Xingxin had scheduled in December for WBA PABA under 147 pounds in the intercontinental title, losing to Nur Sultan after Liu Gang has decided this year, Yang Xing Xinhui into rest, for the coming year. (Zhou Chao)相关的主题文章: