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Yang Qi "2 men really show the army" with ultra high reputation ratings win re – Sohu entertainment emergency set   Sohu entertainment news the evening of October 28th, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article ratings lead the way to stride forward singing militant songs, show. Loyalty then ultra high level reached 36.1%. Eight Air Force recruits don’t fit in after entering the camp, quickly adjust status, attitude to challenge more high limits, more infected millions of viewers is perseverance and courage, the audience of different ages and sexes grow together in blood and laughter and recruits again, true resonance. The network also warlords, combined with a single broadcast mango TV broadcast at noon on the 29 of the total has exceeded 440 million. "Real man" list micro-blog variety again top, topic No. real man reading exceeded 4 billion 350 million, exceeded 3 million 90 thousand discussion. On the basis of the first phase of the hot zero rating on the basis of super high, real man, the second quarter of the second quarter to continue to be true, true and sincere attitude to contribute to the conscience of the fine, word of mouth continued to rise. Bursting point and tears flying, continued follow-up development challenges upgrading fierce clashes between spectrum aircraftsman Huang Zitao and blueprint for the growth at the beginning of this program instructors to secret. Huang Zitao tried repeatedly to eventually complete bloody and play "3 seconds" hat "difficult movements". The actual shooting recount, Huang Zitao, Zhang blueheart for marksman, the final 5 rounds of 45 ring Jiang kifo "Yiqijuechen, become fully deserve horse sharpshooter. During the break, interesting "eat melon" game, men and women soldiers battle to compete, Shen Mengchen, Zhang Lanxin and eat melon, female man traits show, Huang Zitao eat melon to eat spray, and Sun Yang is the spirit of the Olympic Games to eat melon watermelon field, snatch from the hands of Huang Zitao, to lead the male soldiers the class of final victory. Audience in the blood and laughter in the experience of infinite shock and warmth. In this programme, the solemn investiture ceremony scene of infected recruits and the emotions of the audience, so that everyone can’t help awe, and the air force soldiers behind the bitter and tired in Jiang kifo moved to tears while touching. The investiture ceremony before writing recruits recruits to the motto of the guidelines is the direction and promises, Sun Yang’s "I am king domineering; Yang Mi wrote" persevering "self encouragement; Huang Zitao" world to me without what impossible "bloody Li Rui" publicity; with the current hard light of self breakthrough the courage to "writing of positive energy. The motto behind the mentality of each aircraftsman struggle, concentrated words become the voice of encouragement. Monitor Yang Yuan "eagle wings to fly, the sky will not regret" let everyone see contemporary airmen who regrets play. Air Force recruits on the road of growth and transformation, tears and moved along the way. In the most challenging helicopter cable landing training, recruits to overcome the psychological fear, brave from altitude down slide landing training program, Huang Zitao narrowly first decreased, Yang Mi successfully broke the limits of self on the spot after Liyan Tong moved to tears.相关的主题文章: