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Yang Mi and MK show appeared missing legs legs legs is very important! Michael Kors spring 2017 show New York fashion week 2017: Michael Kors understand the life of a modern girl New York time on September 14, 2016, the Michael Kors 2017 series of spring and summer fashion show held in New York. The spring and summer series everywhere minimalist trend, highlighting the advantages of women on the basis of the neutral line in the. At the same time, but also a lot of colorful printing elements. Michael kors shows the total will not let you down. Show front row of spectators will not let you down, this is not Tencent fashion on the scene after the show "caught" a big power power! The MICHAEL KORS brand as her friend, not only in the New York Fashion Week show Michael Kors celebrated his birthday, and to visit the MK headquarters in New York! Black and white printed suit, white shirt and black sweater overlay, with classic flaming lips and delicate makeup. The power of the power of the overall shape of the very sense of hierarchy, but also deliver the goods of the dew leg! The gas field full of strong woman full range, the perfect interpretation of MICHAEL KORS girl very stylish and elegant fashion attitude. With sexy lips, more beautiful through a somewhat domineering queen. Now, we in the field instead of all she asked what! Come and take a look at is called the "explosion output machine" on her earlier this "hand picked" what a good thing – Yang Mi: the Tencent are all good friends, I am Yang Mi Tencent Michael Kors: fashion show what surprises today? Yang Mi: today’s surprise, I have my own favorite stripe elements, hand printing and contour of the oversize sweater. Tencent fashion: that forecast, which do you think will be the explosion this year? Yang Mi: I own I would recommend that the profile of sweaters, especially suitable for me to make that kind of style download missing. Tencent are: download missing? That is to be able to enjoy the dew leg? Yang Mi: it’s important to have legs! Tencent fashion: because of their legs very confident? Yang Mi: I think girls have to have confidence in themselves, no matter what kind of body you are, there must be suitable for your own style of dress. Tencent fashion: this time to New York to buy a small glutinous rice gift? Yang Mi: Yeah, I bought some chocolate and some of her clothes. At the end of the Michael Kors show, continuous busy days of starting power model for beijing. Finally, the airport did not forget the United States again, show a leg. She is a Michael Kors blue striped shirt skirt with KYLE series of Classic Silver tail white shoes, hand carrying gray trumpet MERCER handbags, that youth and fashion. The big power to New York is not only to do a small glutinous rice purchasing oh! She also took a look day fashion large Tencent are all November check!相关的主题文章: