Yancheng, a man in the middle of the road openly smashed 3 car driver abandoned the car to leave (vi-9c8947

A man in Yancheng Central Road openly hit 3 car driver abandoned the vehicle from September 22nd at 9 o’clock, the central street in downtown Yancheng, a young man made a crazy move: he topless, climb the passing cars, then by foot kick way, break the front windshield of a few the car, and even pulled out of the door. Modern Express reporter learned that, Yancheng city police alarm quickly control the man, as of press time, the mood of the man remains stable. The site of the incident is located in the liberation of South Yancheng Kangle BRT cell site at the entrance. "This guy is crazy!" According to witnesses at the scene, at 9 o’clock, a man went to the middle of the road, in the middle of the road playing crazy, also dead lying in the road, seriously affect traffic order. And climb to the roof of a taxi, kicked the car roof and windscreen, will also pull the taxi door, a few cars were smashed him. Modern Express reporter from the video to see a topless man staggered in the middle of the road, wearing white shoes, dressed in black pants, doing all kinds of exaggerated movements, passing vehicles have to stop and yield. See this case, the man climbed a parked taxi, jumped up on top of the treadmill, the top card of the taxi lamp trampled, and then kick the windshield crushed, the taxi driver abandoned the vehicle and scared to leave, see is not fun, the man also tried to pull off the door. In addition to a taxi, a private car has not been spared. In the video, I saw the man climb a parked red car, standing on the windshield mengchuai, several passengers in the car too afraid, beside many onlookers have accused, and shouting "rushed to the police". "Our alarm at the fastest speed to dispose of." Yancheng city police told Modern Express reporter, they quickly went to the scene after receiving the alarm, the police officers will soon hit man’s control, and taken to the district police station, to avoid greater harm. According to preliminary statistics, the man smashed a total of 2 taxis and 1 private cars. He has alcohol, whether drug use remains to be further investigated." Police said the man is still not clear, noisy in the police station, blood and urine can not be carried out, and other measures will be taken after its wake up. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original man in the middle of the road car smashed cars saw the police car flew retrograde to escape相关的主题文章: