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Xinjiang residents of Kuche Mahmud Tohti? Busy and happy day (Figure) – Beijing, September 12th, Tohti and his friends? Mahmud of all ethnic groups together for the holidays. Suo Shanwu photo Beijing, Urumqi, September 12, September 12th (with Suo Shanwu), is a traditional festival of the Muslims — corban. The day early in the morning, who lives in Xinjiang Kuche County Town Street East Garden District tuohuti? Mahmud began to busy up, a few days ago he bought a bazaar from the fat sheep, sheep, sheep cooked….. In the morning, tuohuti? Mahmud and his son began to busy with everything in good order and well arranged. The 60 year old Tuoheti? Mahmud was born in the city of Kuche, 2006 from the Kuche County Local Taxation Bureau retired, now living in the East Garden District 8 Building 1 unit 201 room. He grew up and ethnic friends grow and learn, grow up together and twist people around the yangko dance, suona, jump Macy universal harmony. Now, he has more than and 50 telephone numbers of the national friends like relatives. Tuoheti? Mahmud as usual to friends and neighbors all call "tea, the meat has been cooked in, must come to our house today." Four pm, tuohuti? Guests Mahmud in succession to the house, a lively, waft the delicious mutton flavor, tuohuti? Mahmud is wearing a new white shirt at the door and shook hands with the guests. "We give you tuohuti brother, happy New Year pay New Year’s call! Your home is so beautiful today." Community residents Huang Siling said. To pay New Year’s call friends are mostly Oriental Garden residential tenants. "My friends are here, and I’m so glad. Sit down and sit down." Tohti? Mahmud excitedly pulled friends seated. The annual Eid, there are many Chinese friends to Corban tuohuti? Mahmud, when the Spring Festival, he will go to a friend’s house to pay New Year’s call han. Huang Siling said, our community is the solidarity community, tuohuti? Mahmud is retired cadres within the District, no matter who, he would often ask what to have difficulty in need of help, we often walk around. Tohti? Mahmud’s home filled with thick festive atmosphere, gorgeous lace curtains on the window corner azaleas bloom good to hear or see, in the autumn sun. The living room of the long table placed neatly with exquisite food, with micro center, around which are all kinds of dried fruit, the fruit as a superb collection of beautiful things, bazaar shop stalls. Residents of the district where a total of 20 people sitting around a long table, have a joyous gathering, laughing and talking, talking to each other, each other with the food on the table, to celebrate the traditional festival of Eid al adha. Reeky hand Lamb on the table, and Mahmud Tohti? Busy family give you meat. "Come and go, although now the condition is good, every family has boiled mutton, but today is a happy day, not only to share the lamb, but also a blessing. I hope the elderly health and longevity, I hope more and more beautiful young girl, the children learn to progress, the friendship between friends forever so deep." Tohti? Mahmud side give you handed mutton side blessing. ""相关的主题文章: