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Xinjiang ancient ecological park of 56 meters of wood to declare the Guinness book of records (Figure) – the new network for tourists to observe the silicified wood. Geng Dandan photo Urumqi, November, 15 electric (Geng Dandan), the petrified wood is about 56 meters long, more than the National Geological Park of Huangshi, declared the record of 37 meters of petrified wood is still long." November 15th, the staff of the Xinjiang ecological park, like told reporters that the current ecological park intends to declare Guinness record. Xinjiang ancient ecological garden was founded in 2005, the park has collected more than 50 pieces of petrified wood, each root diameter of 1-4 meters, of which the longest up to 56 meters, is currently the largest silicified wood protected areas. In addition to the Pertrified woods, and Chinese BMW base, ancient meteorite group, Populus heap, oil painting at home and abroad treasures, is the one and only the cultural tourism theme scenic spots. Silicified wood is tens of millions of years ago or even hundreds of millions of trees have been rapidly buried underground after being silica in groundwater to replace fossil trees. It retains the wood texture and structure of trees, the color is brown, yellow, brown, red brown, gray, gray and black. Many domestic and foreign output locations, including Xinjiang unearthed quite. (end)相关的主题文章: