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Xi’an food thirteen absolutely, you know a few? 1 – Sohu of Shaanxi tourism, there are many kinds of cold noodle cold noodle, rice, Qishan Qin town Hanzhoung silverskin Ganmian skin, all are attractive people. Whether in Xi’an restaurants or street vendors can see the figure of cold noodle! In the streets of Xi’an cold noodle, rice white and translucent, how can the steamer steamed out much of a piece, after steaming, one with a slightly spread between the cooked vegetable oil, then a stacked, stacked on the desk as general signs. Time to eat directly into rice hawker chopsticks like thickness, then put salt, vinegar, water, special sauce with bean sprouts and other dishes, then use a spoon to dig a tablespoon of pepper, red, oil, together poured into the leather. This cold noodle bite Zizi Maoyou, spicy and delicious taste, that kind of feeling really fun! 2, hamburger hamburger is Shaanxi famous snacks, not only taste good, but one can eat. Fan Ji Chinese Hamburger can be regarded as the representative of Xi’an Chinese Hamburger! Meat is the use of sauce meat, very crisp rotten, taste fresh long, fat is not greasy mouth, lean meat is not oil. Soup with boiled soup. Steamed meat clip must be specially Baiji steamed steamed taste the only authentic, very crisp, taste mianxiang. If the baiji has just released into the meat steamed in a small amount of wax juice, is steamed fragrant crisp, lead a person to endless aftertastes! 3, beef and mutton paomo Xi’an beef and mutton paomo is very famous, famous local snacks, has a long history, in ancient times known as " jelly; ", is a rare tonic. Is the flavor characteristics of feed flavor, rotten meat soup thick, mellow taste, soft and tough stick slip. Food and then drink a small bowl of soup, feel more lingering fragrance glibly, long aftertaste. In the Hui people on the street there are many shops bubble. 4, Biang Biang surface Biang Biang is a traditional folk pasta in Shaanxi guanzhong. The most basic of the most common pasta, except steamed noodles, I am afraid that red chilli oil biangbiang". The characteristics of Biang Biang, is usually hand roll grow thick noodles. Shaanxi ten strange "noodles like belt" refers to the surface. In a song: "a little tease heaven, the Yellow River bay two, eight big mouth, short words go inside, you twist, twist me; you long, I long; mixed with horse king, heart word at the end of month by the word, a hook on the hemp candy, a push the car around Xianyang", is to describe the word. 5, gourd head gourd head has a long history, is a famous snack in Xi’an city. Because of the large intestine of the pig fat thick, shaped like a gourd, so called gourd head. The characteristics of gourd head is: steamed white crystal block soft slip tough, tender fresh soup, fat but not greasy, mellow aroma. A slightly different bubble bubble gourd head used steamed bread and meat cake, soft point, breaking the block is relatively bigger; when a soup alcohol, eat delicious taste, young or old, is food, and is the excellent tonic. It is refreshing with pickled cabbage. 6, stone steamed stone steamed is popular in Guanzhong area of Shaanxi province.相关的主题文章: