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Xi’an 500 national high school, the top 9? Education sector: did not give the ranking according to media reports, in 2016 the country’s top 500 independent enrollment high school rankings recently circulated on the Internet, Xi’an, selected by the 9 schools, which fly it?" Recently, Mr. Lee called the newspaper asked, yesterday, reporters interviewed some of the top schools in Xi’an, the school teacher, said: for a similar list, the school does not know, but did not take the initiative to participate, can not be evaluated." Shaanxi 9 school selected "list" Internet reporter inquiry found that this list is the site of a Beijing training organization released in May this year, the number of independent recruitment is the preliminary list of colleges and universities this year, the latest statistics are made. Shaanxi Xi’an middle school, including 9 universities NPU high school and high school in Xianyang, a rainbow among them, won 105 to 483. Independent recruitment is not suitable for all candidates yesterday reporters interviewed some of the Xi’an city middle school teacher learned, with the reform of national college entrance examination system, the state established in 2016 95 key universities in the college entrance examination enrollment system, choose to apply for enrollment in the college entrance examination at the same time, after the end of the exam, the school independent recruitment student comprehensive quality test (except in related subjects the written examination, also needs the university teachers face-to-face examination), the implementation of independent recruitment examination, obtain independent recruitment of qualified candidates, can obtain lower admission scores in college admission and care. Independent recruitment of students interested in special qualities of high quality requirements, not every high school students are suitable to participate in. Schools: don’t participate in evaluation does not recommend the reporter interviewed the list of the southern suburbs of Xi’an, a provincial demonstration senior high school is responsible for publicity of the teacher, the teacher told reporters that in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet and new media at home and abroad, some social and private training institutions (units), from the media and even individuals for different the purpose, through various channels to launch a variety of charts, often in a major exam before and after school have been released. For this list, the attitude of the school is not involved, do not evaluate, do not recommend, but also to remind parents rational view. It should be noted that, regardless of what is the basis of the relevant rankings, the characteristics of each school is different, simply in accordance with the data on the one hand or several aspects of different schools to do rankings and evaluation, inevitably biased. National Education Department has never been interviewed by reporters yesterday, the Provincial Department of education staff, which said that the national and provincial education departments at all levels have never released a list of similar rankings for secondary school. The relevant departments of the Ministry of Education issued a statement recently said, selected from numerous national senior high school in 100 or a few hundred ranking, implementation does not meet the requirements of quality education, is not conducive to the diversification and development characteristics of senior high school. Hope high school is of commercial nature, consciously resist such no scientific evaluation criteria of selection and ranking activities, with carefully running, push forward the quality education, hope the public to the relevant information, a rational analysis of attitude. Note: video only for extended reading. The independent recruitment 500 middle school Shandong swept the top three Zhennai "Curve Wrecker origin"相关的主题文章: