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Xi Jinping signed article by Ecuador public sympathy – Beijing Xinhua Quito November 16, review: brother concentric, the benefit payments — President Xi Jinping signed article by the people of Ecuador with the Xinhua News Agency reporters local time 16 morning, dawn through the shrouded in the Andes pichincha volcano around the mountain mist, shining quito. Ecuador capital ushered in a new day. The city roads on both sides of the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind. The mainstream media "telegraph" published the same day in a prominent position in Chinese President Xi Jinping published a signed article "build friendly cooperation" bridge in ecuador. At the invitation of President Correa of Ecuador, President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Ecuador. Since this is also the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1980, the president’s first visit to Ecuador China. In a signed article, President Xi Jinping proposed, in the two countries to do good mutual trust and common development partners, partners, friendship for generations of South South cooperation partners. "Brother concentric, its profit broken gold." Under the new situation, China is willing to work together with Ecuador, built for the people of both sides to expand the solid bridge of friendly exchanges, promote bilateral ties to a higher level. Ecuador Andean Oil Co., taxation and legal adviser Maria soledad?? Moreno? Maranon told reporters that she from President Xi Jinping signed article in "read a bond of friendship is tightly connected with emotion", two countries although far apart, of various sizes, but have a common idea and common goal. Are good brothers, good partners. "President Xi Jinping’s visit is a new historical starting point," "I hope (Ecuador) the car can follow (China) the bus, crossing the Andes mountain fog, continue to move far away." Italo Latin American Association of Petroleum Engineers Association chairman? Cedeo told reporters, President Xi Jinping delivered an important signal in the article, that is, the two sides will strive to enhance bilateral relations to a new height. Familiar to Chinese achievements of Cedeno said: "20 years ago, I visited China at least 12 times. China’s change is enormous, China’s development speed is very shocking. President Xi Jinping’s visit will not only deepen the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, but more importantly, it will have a strategic significance for the cooperation of the entire Latin American countries and china." Both countries are developing countries with similar historical experiences and common goals. The two economies are highly complementary, huge potential for cooperation in the areas of production, investment, clean energy and other fields. In recent years, the two countries in the field of investment, technology, infrastructure and other areas of cooperation has become increasingly close. Ecuador is China in Latin America is an important energy partner, the main investment target and project contracting market, China is Ecuador’s third largest trading partner. Relations between the two countries are now in the best period in history. Ecuador Centre College Professor Mauricio Avila? Agree with the four point proposal President Xi Jinping signed article under the new situation, to further deepen friendly cooperation proposed, he believes that two)相关的主题文章: