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Management station of underground passage water station of Wuchang Railway Station: will actively improve underground passage seeper. Reporter Yu Li Intern Liu Sihan photo newspaper news (reporter Yu Li Intern Liu Sihan) Wuchang Railway Station underground sunny connection there is still water, pedestrian travel very difficult. The day before yesterday, the netizen "Li Li Ming" posted the matter on the Yangtze River forum to reflect the matter and hoped that the relevant departments can solve it as soon as possible. Yesterday, the reporter contacted posted netizen Mr. yin. He said, this phenomenon is when he went through the Wuchang Railway Station a few days ago, when the underground passage accumulated a lot of water. Although the channel with wood, but more than 1 meters wide board in such a large local people is not enough, I hope the relevant departments to solve the water problem as soon as possible or narrow plank. At noon yesterday, the reporter in the vicinity of the Wuchang Railway Station Zhongshan Road pedestrian channel to see, mainly located in the middle part of the channel water area, water area of about 30 square meters. The left and right sides of the water logged area were paved with 3 pieces of wood, forming two "small bridges"". Reporter observed, because the channel can be directly to the Wuchang Railway Station, many pedestrians out of the station will pass here, underground passage people flow is very large, the "bridge" are often jams. And this "small bridge" as a temporary building, very uneven, carrying suitcases of people walking on the "small bridge" is very difficult. Some of the passengers were in trouble, just passing through the water, spilling a lot of water on the trunk and shoes. Nearby shop owner Li said, underground water has been at least three days, many passengers and people are Tucao this matter. Mr. Li said that he was "crossing the bridge" when many people, his suitcase on the "small bridge" was pushed down, but also splashed water. Office of the comprehensive management of Wuchang Railway Station area staff said that due to the long rainy season this year, coupled with the influence of some may be caused by the construction, some time ago the underground water seepage situation. At present, experts are on the scene to judge the situation, they will seize the time to repair. In order to facilitate pedestrians travel, they set up the board here, suggestions for users will be actively improved.

武昌火车站旁地下通道积水 站管理办:会积极改进 地下通道积水。记者喻莉 实习生刘思涵 摄   本报讯(记者喻莉 实习生刘思涵)晴天连接武昌火车站的地下通道仍有积水,行人出行非常困难。前天,网友“黎黎明明”在长江论坛上发帖反映此事,希望相关部门尽快解决。   昨天,记者联系上发帖网友尹先生。他说,这一现象是他前几天经过武昌火车站时看到的,当时这个地下通道积了很多水。虽然通道铺了木板,可是1米多宽的木板在人流如此大的地方显得不够用,希望有关部门能尽快解决积水或木板窄的问题。   昨天中午,记者在武昌火车站附近的中山路人行通道看到,积水区域主要位于通道的中间部位,积水面积约30平米。积水区左右两边分别被铺上了3块木板,组成了两座“小桥”。   记者观察到,由于该通道可直达武昌火车站,很多行人进出站时都会经过此地,地下通道内人流量非常大,“小桥”上也经常出现拥堵的情况。而这座“小桥”由于是临时搭建的,非常不平整,提着行李箱的人走在“小桥”上十分艰难。还有一些乘客嫌麻烦,干脆从水中通行,行李箱和鞋子上都溅了很多水。   附近商店的李老板说,地下通道积水至少已经有三天了,很多乘客和市民都在吐槽此事。乘客李先生说,他“过桥”时人多,他的行李箱在“小桥”上被挤了下去,还溅了水。   武昌火车站地区综合管理办公室的工作人员说,由于今年雨季时间较长,加之可能是一些施工造成的影响,前段时间出现了地下渗水的情况。目前,专家正在对现场相关情况进行研判,他们会抓紧时间维修。为了方便行人出行,他们在此设置了木板,对于网友提出的建议,会积极改进。相关的主题文章: