Writers write 6 words of prose poems of migrant workers has insisted for ten years (Figure) p8400

Writers write 6 words of prose poems of migrant workers has insisted for ten years (Figure) original title: migrant workers writer to write 6 words of prose poems Chinese daily news (reporter Chen Chunping photography Deng Xiaowei) "life in front of more than struggling, as well as poetry and distant field." Xu Wei’s lyrics to describe a 52 year old migrant workers on the pursuit of literature, not too much. Yesterday, dwelling in Xi’an after 10 years, Wugong County migrant workers writer Li Jian wrote a 6 words of the book "home dream". The book for clues to Li Jian’s hometown, Nianzi pagoda, ancestral temple, in prose and poetry depicting linlixiangqin on life’s dedication and love. Empty night lying on the bed thinking to write three or four hours yesterday morning, the China Daily reporter came to Xi’an Beijiao Zhang Jia Bao Jie ban red qu Guo Jia Miao cun. Through the village dilapidated and crowded streets in a traffic lane, the reporter found the residence of Li Jian. This is a city of the villagers room, the lights dim, the air exudes a musty smell of wet and cold, 7 rooms were decorated with more than and 20 beds for low thenightbeingdarkandfrosty. The dwelling in Li Jian’s room, the door before, is actually a part of the window is destroyed, the walls are still exposed brick ballast. There are 4 beds in the room, and the two one is empty. He sleeps in one, and the remaining one is used as a desk. "The landlord took good care of me, and for the convenience of my writing, I changed the light bulb in my room into a large bulb. This house is my own house." The optimistic Li Jian always smiles when he speaks, and he is grateful to the landlord. "Every day when I work, I am free. Back in the evening, lying in bed for three or four hours." Li Jian workers told reporters Li Jian, optimistic, cheerful, and workers can mingle. But he seldom participate in leisure and entertainment are workers, in writing and drawing. This, the landlord Mr. Zhao also deep feelings. He said, Li Jian writes persistent, I haven’t seen him smoking or drinking, playing mahjong, almost all his spare time in writing, "he has lived here for 10 years, has been the case, this momentum to admire". Do cleaning staff, the construction of writing paper is saved, I do not have much culture, mainly in the army to learn a year." Li Jian is a small village in Wugong County Ze Leng village, is a veteran, in 2006 to work in Xi’an. 10 years, he worked as a cleaner, more is to do unskilled laborer at the construction site, do some chores. Li Jian’s new book "Hometown" is the dream of prose and poetry collection, the book has 20 chapters, in his hometown of Chek Leng Cun people and things as the clue, described the linlixiangqin social public life of dedication and love. The reporter saw his manuscript, a thick pile of more than and 240 pages. The paper used in the manuscript was uneven, and some of the items on the back of the manuscript were "fire shutter". Li Jian said that the writing of the paper are saved, and then set together. "Hometown pearl" is the third novel of Li Jian. The first part is involved in the preparation of "Ze Leng Cun Zhi", the second part is "the heart is always hot," Memoirs of a veteran, former two 2相关的主题文章: