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Wowkie Zhang turned the anchor Supervisor: I was "scared" — entertainment channel — original title: Wowkie Zhang: I was frightened into unfamiliar street live anchor tutor’s birthday street you live monthly popularity contest "ha you star" in August before the final night of the finals the "gas ambassador" Wowkie Zhang live at the "Shua Shua" and "gourd" two song, while the 6 anchor singing gives spicy comments. When it comes to live this new thing, Wowkie Zhang said the platform for young people is a very good external opportunities, but he also admitted that some of the young anchor’s words and deeds have scared themselves". Do you live down to earth to music is unfamiliar street’s video live interactive platform, you can anchor the form and the user real-time interactive real-time video. Last night, a total of six from the platform winning anchor in "you" star of the August final appearance. In the course of the game, the 6 anchors take turns performing and canvassing, they need to get the audience and fans of the popular live free gifts, according to the final ranking decide the winners. After a competition, the original talent Zhang Duojin won the "recommended" award from the Northeast comedy actor Da Bin nearly 50 thousand votes in the high popularity won the final championship monthly. The first contact live interactive platform on the ambassador "Wowkie Zhang not only through the form of music for players refueling, he also repeated passionate speech, encouraging young people to stick to their dreams of continuous efforts, while teaching as a secret music success" in music to have its own characteristics, it is important to down to earth." "Wear a skin" scary "success within a singer to repair, also need external opportunities, and broadcast platform is a very direct and face-to-face speaking anchor for fans." In an interview, Wowkie Zhang to live form is given a positive evaluation, but he also bluntly to some young anchor behavior is not understood, said he participated in the program when several children had been "scared", "I’m going to record a live imitation show, some children came in and I said, you have the TV light? Can you wear leather? He said he needed a camera with a grinding function. There are a lot of children in the face of the lens and we are not the same, I do not understand, although so, but I look at how they live a very happy." Wowkie Zhang has not tried it myself when anchor live, but he said last night there are good things in life he is very willing to share with you live. Work to develop habits that day is the birthday of Wowkie Zhang, in the last part of the game "interactive Guessing", with "Happy birthday" turns out, the lights, the anchor on the birthday cake, gave Wowkie Zhang a surprise. The more than 500 spectators, and millions of fans watching live online to the teacher singing the birthday song. "My birthday wish you love me." Wowkie Zhang’s humor is recognized entertainment scripts and he is good at summing up some chicken soup in a humorous way of life, you can not say the long history of life, you will follow the tour)相关的主题文章: