World media in the autumn of 2016 will be held in

Shi Xi media promotion in the autumn of 2016 will be held in Beijing – Beijing Shi Xi media promotion content in autumn of 2016 will be held in Beijing are more than 20 show in new network on 20 September, September 19th, Shi Xi media held in Beijing 2016 autumn content promotion, launched a total of more than 20 stalls of various programs more than and 50, to attract advertisers, platform representatives. High degree of the degree of the program launched one by one, showing the birth of the powerful media research and development capabilities and production capacity, reflecting the confidence of private content production company, which has become a strong indicator of the development of China’s market development program. Shi Xi media chairman and CEO Liu Xichen made the "master class" mature content "through" brand program innovation Shi Xi media content production more mature, the three quarter of 2016 alone, making over 5 broadcast reality show, has formed a "master class", "our music through it" as the representative of the brand show. World media will continue to launch the "ten weeks to get married", "comedy class spring", "come to laugh", "Chinese father" and other programs in the second quarter. It is understood that the master of music class in the third quarter has started the national register! Since the two quarter of the program to maintain the core of music education, known as China’s most successful music education program. In the spring of 2016 in Cannes, France, the Spring Festival mode, the music master class as a representative of the international trend of watching the program, by the European global television data company’s special recommendation. Promotion site, the program director Yao Xiaoying revealed: "music master class" is a music education program, but also a public trip. To pay attention to the left behind children in the country, the world media and the Chinese children and Youth Foundation jointly set up the "master of music art education fund" for children left behind music training. Not only that, the program for music education practice, has been the community’s recognition, the second quarter of the students were more Wang Yicheng Ma repeated invitations in Yunfeng fund dinner, "Lake Baikal" by reproduction. Ma Yun sings only love "music master class" students in a number of guests, because Ma Yun that "he is a representative of contemporary students, is a way of education."." Not long ago the "we" ending through the second season, promotion will once again debut, the program in the two quarter, reputation ratings continued to ferment, all-round opening and upgrading the new marketing mode. According to the program executive director Zhang Long introduced: "we through it" in ads for new breakthrough, will China ancient history and modern product perfect fusion, the depth of the implant program plot, realizes the Sichuan satellite TV, nearly 2 hundred million of the income, and said the show in the third season "star lineup, the scene, the significance of the topic will be fully upgraded." Shi Xi media vice president Xiao Ying, general manager of the media, "music master class" director Yao Xiaoying to promote the third quarter program aimed at network variety hand Carman Lee ten weeks "married" data show that in 2016 the number of major network platform fully breakthrough 100 files, the rapid rise in network market. The focus of the introduction of more than 20 stalls in the program, the network to occupy 14 of the proportion of heald! Among them, by the world hee.相关的主题文章: