Women’s neighbors to help raise the dog in case of dog bite police were prosecuted for obstruction o-zhuxianduowan

The woman to help a neighbor dog in search of dog bites due to obstruction of official police Prosecution – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) a woman of bamboo to help a neighbor dog, it met two police check stray dogs, the two sides clashed, a bamboo claw, bite two police, on suspicion of the crime of obstruction of official of Haidian District procuratorate public prosecution. Yesterday morning, a bamboo trial, pleaded guilty in court and repeatedly said "know wrong". Bamboo is a 42 year old, primary school culture, answer the question, her tiny voice, she said not remember their ID number, do not remember the phone number. Bamboo did not ask a lawyer to defend himself. Haidian District procuratorate accused, in June 22nd this year, 10 am, Beijing City Public Security Bureau Haidian Dongsheng police station in Haidian District Majiagou rent a room outside hosting unlicensed dogs, a bamboo dog locked in the house, refused to let the police away, and took a pinch, the police also scratched his right leg, another police right ankle. A bamboo pleaded guilty in court, she said, the dog is a neighbor temporary foster home, there is a dog. To foster two days, went to the police, "the dog in my house, it is not in my house. The police came, I went to the dog, the dog has been called, I scolded, "dead dog, how can you be so unreasonable."." Zhu said, she didn’t call the police, she was wearing slippers, also slipped, "the policeman caught my arm hurts, I did not come in the underground, they will not let go." Bamboo said she knew wrong. A police officer said the certificate, then a bamboo emotion, swearing, lying on the ground up, grabbed her arm to let her up, she said the police catch pain, homeopathic bite his right leg, also called the police beat, causing a lot of people watching. After identification, one of the police’s physical injury is a minor injury. Prosecutors believe that the behavior of bamboo is a violent obstruction of official business, has constituted the crime of disrupting public service. Court, watching the police in law enforcement at the scene with the law enforcement recorder captured video, bamboo, said there is no objection. Because of bamboo a confession of his crimes, Haidian District procuratorate recommendations to the court to be given a lighter punishment, and recommended to obstruction of official sentenced to a bamboo half to one and half years imprisonment. The case will choose a sentencing date.相关的主题文章: