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No woman was more than 3 years of sexual life of husband and wife sued for divorce court in support of the original title: after no marital life woman sued for divorce support JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) Miss Li said the prosecution, since after the pregnancy, there has been no sexual life more than 3 years, so her husband Mr. Wang sued to the court ask for a divorce. Yesterday morning, reporters learned that the Shunyi court heard that the feelings of both husband and wife have been broken, the two sides decided to divorce. Miss Li sued, she and Mr. Wang introduced in 2012 7 menstrual, a month after the engagement, in November 30th of the same year the licensing, birth of a child in May 2014. Lack of understanding before marriage, hasty marriage, lack of communication after marriage. Miss Lee also said that the marriage between their sexual life of the couple are from her after pregnancy has no sexual life of husband and wife 3 years more than half of the time. When the two sides quarrel, the husband always abuse her, or even. In addition, the husband is lack of sense of family responsibility, so it is not a matter of housework, in the education of children, children in addition to the money, don’t let the children understand the father. In this case, Miss Lee since September last year to return home, separated from her husband. The husband will be taken to court for divorce, child request husband upbringing, until she found the economy according to the actual situation to give alimony. Mr Wang argued that he did not agree to divorce. The child just went to kindergarten is small, the divorce of the child’s growth is not good, there is no contradiction between the two sides too much. After his wife returned home, he let his wife go home, but his wife did not agree. In addition, in August this year, the relationship between the two sides have eased, the two sides also went to Beidaihe with his family to play. The court held that, Miss Lee had two prosecution requirements and Mr. Wang divorce, which was dismissed after the second prosecution, the two sides did not ease the relationship, still separated life. Miss Lee sued third times with Mr. Wang divorce, indicating that the feelings of both husband and wife have been broken, so that Miss Lee and Wang asked for divorce proceedings, in accordance with the law. On child rearing section, Mr. Wang said by their own upbringing, do not need to pay alimony Miss Lee, Lee did not dispute. The court ruled that the final decision to accept the divorce of Mr. Wang and Mr. Wang, the child raised by mr.. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: