Wizard treasure can dream go earn 155 million yuan a week last week rose by more than 133% sugus

"Demon treasure can dream Go" one week to earn 155 million yuan last week rose 133% [Abstract] in the Halloween day, "elf treasure can dream Go" single day water at $4 million 600 thousand, while in a week earlier, single day water is 2 million yen, rose to 130%, this is the game created since September since the second highest income. On-line since July of this year, "elf treasure can dream Go" can be said to be one of the most popular mobile games this year, it also became the fastest to reach $600 million in Mobile Games works. According to the description of the game developer Nomura Dayu, this result is only in the game to develop the premise of 10% completed. Two days before the Western Halloween, for the mobile gaming market, which is also a very good income node, many companies have also launched a Halloween related activities. Of course, the spirit of treasure can be a dream Go is no exception, from October 25th to 29 released a Halloween related activities. According to data analysis firms SensorTower data, in the week of Halloween, wizard treasure can dream Go water more than $23 million (about 155 million yuan), compared with the previous week rose by 133 percentage points. On October 25~29 Go "dream" elf treasure revenue of $23 million, up 133% on Halloween day, one-day game running at $4 million 600 thousand, while in a week earlier, single day water is 2 million yen, rose to 130%, which is the creation of the game since September second high income. In fact, we can see that although the Niantic has indeed held a related activity, but the intensity of the activities is very light, but only in a few thousand to upgrade the candy (for the dream can be upgraded) production efficiency. SensorTower said, "the elf treasure can dream Go", often do not need to add new content, just need to get ups such as "induction module", can enhance the user activity to a great extent. In fact, this is also the spirit of treasure can dream Go, the game has a great relationship with the state of the game. At present, the wizard treasure can dream Go has been the rise of the user, mild players have gradually lost, and the core of the user has basically settled down. This can also be seen from the report of D2C-Smile, the loss rate of gamers has gradually stabilized, as of September 25th, the user churn rate of only 3% a week, the original lower than the previous 10%. And the core of the game players in fact is the treasure can dream generation (40 years of age or older, along with the growth of the players PM IP). Data show that 50 of men over the age of users is much more than the other age of the game player of this age, the characteristics of the user is open every day on average more than 2 times a day game time more than 40 minutes, we can see that this part of the user’s viscosity is very high. At present, the spirit of treasure can be a dream Go although attention has been reduced a lot, but the potential user groups are still huge. No new content can also enclose so much money. Such as.相关的主题文章: