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UnCategorized There are a number of factors contributing to poor time management but the reality is, procrastination is just about the "grand daddy" of them all. But procrastination alone isn’t responsible in fact, there are are few things which people do that have a lot to do with the big "P" setting in. We’ll examine ways of eliminating procrastination during this time management article. Another Time Management Article! I have lost count of the number of time management articles I’ve published. Why do I write them? Because I’d love to help other people break out of their procrastination habits and lead more productive lives. If I can only help one person then I’ve done my job. How many articles have you read? Are you still in the same rut now as when you read your first one. If you are then promise me this is the last article you’ll read. In fact, set yourself a goal: make this the last article you read until you have broken out of your rut! Imagine yourself free from procrastination and how good it makes you feel. That sense of achievement and the extra cash incentive it’s added to your bottom line. Imagine those feelings when you finally read that article later down the track. Then chuckle to yourself and think of how easy it was to get back on track. Problem is, it’s not as simple as that for most people so let’s try and get you back on the path to better time management. Time Management Action Plan Try utilizing the following action plan for better productivity: 1. Organize a mentor. Peer pressure is powerful. By having someone you respect and even fear is a great way to keep tabs on how you are managing your time. 2. Identify procrastination. There are many things we hate to do but must and if these are tied into your livelihood, then it’s costing you plenty in regards to your bottomline. This ties in with our first tip so organize a peer mentor right away! 3. Keep a journal of your activities. This will help you identify the important from the unimportant tasks in your current schedule. You’ll be able to see at first glance where you are spending unproductive time. You’ll also see at just what times of the day you are most productive! 4. Organize your schedule the day before. This is about prioritizing your day. We’re not saying the least important tasks shouldn’t be .pleted; you need to list the more urgent and important tasks first. Also, if you are working towards a major goal, then list the actions first which will carry you to your ultimate goal. Time Management Tip It’s important to create a good balance with your time. If you spend all your time working without having some relaxation time either with your friends or family then you’ll soon suffer what is known as burn out. Balance out your time so you have enough energy to take care of the important things in your life! Setting Rewards For Yourself We’ve covered some important ground in this time management article. Two more things to remember, don’t be afraid to set yourself small rewards along the way and don’t over .mit. Setting a reward gives you something to work towards during the day. In fact, setting rewards every hour during my writing schedule works perfectly for me. It can be anything you want but within reason and not too time consuming. Over .mitting is a bad habit which can be easily "nipped in the bud." Over.mittal leads to stress and eventually procrastination. Don’t do it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: