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Why HUAWEI is called "Chinese matter" textbook the opinion leaders of sina finance column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Jiang Bojing over the past several years, China products to the production cost advantages in the surf the world. This is a price advantage, but it is also likely to have a negative impact. Now, when the cost advantage of China is no longer the time, many companies began to consider building factories in other countries. This way of thinking, HUAWEI has begun to practice many years ago. HUAWEI has been called the "made in China" textbook has long been the opening of the G20 summit finally opened, as the host, China once again in a new image in front of the world. As one of China’s new image label, "made in China" in the coming days will be more eye-catching. Chinese manufacturing and "Chinese matter", although only one word, but on behalf of the great change of the China. "China made" is not a simple, general concept, it is supported by numerous outstanding Chinese enterprises. Those enterprises, those brands, we can not be enumerated. "Extend great admiration, Kageyuki behavior"! Here, we look at a enough to make people proud, proud of the name of Chinese companies – HUAWEI! If the Chinese made of the evolution of the process is a textbook, then, it is no exaggeration to say that HUAWEI, is a "made in China" banner, called "China made" textbook chapter! Prior to this, I will criticize the shortcomings of HUAWEI, but here we have to admit that HUAWEI’s excellent even great. In the "made in China" drum and call, we can not forget the name is HUAWEI. HUAWEI is Chinese enterprises in the advanced field from weak, by the example of the big strong, is one of the few in the field overwhelmingly suppressed opponents years of business, is one of the possible in the field continue to maintain the leading position of the enterprise for many years. So, I was in front of the evaluation of HUAWEI, not too. You may wonder why HUAWEI? There is no denying that HUAWEI has its drawbacks; but it is undeniable that HUAWEI has far more advantages than disadvantages. Below, we have a few questions on the analysis, to see why HUAWEI is said to be "made in China," a banner, why HUAWEI can be called "made in China," the first chapter of the textbook! Or, let’s just say: Why did HUAWEI do so well?! First, HUAWEI is not synonymous with low quality and low price, it focuses on the quality, which is the quality of China made the fundamental. The price is low, has been Chinese enterprise killer. But HUAWEI doesn’t just depend on it. "The most important foundation of HUAWEI is quality," Ren Zhengfei once said. HUAWEI is a sign of success, due to the communication network equipment in the European market is extremely competitive success. HUAWEI entered the European market in the early stages of the face of competitors, such as Ericsson, Al Carter, SIEMENS, NOKIA and other giants. How to stand out among them is a problem. In the long battle of Europe, HUAWEI is not relying solely on low prices, but not the low price of many Chinese brands相关的主题文章: