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Why do you have to eat mutton in winter? What is the most delicious food in the Sohu? That must be mutton. A word is not cool winter season, warm Yang Yang is definitely your best tool to resist cold. Whether it is used to Hot pot, boiled mutton or stew, or do mutton soup mutton noodles or a bowl of hot, can let you have a fully and delightfully happy. Why should the winter eat mutton mutton in the winter of 1 blood?. Eat more in winter can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism. 2 winter to eat mutton qi. The gas is not smooth, can eat mutton Qi, fitness. The 3 winter Nuanwei eat mutton. Warm winter eat mutton, can play the role of the stomach, make gastric movement more reasonable. 4 winter to eat mutton qi. Gas is not smooth, such as people who often cough, because the body of heavy gas, so eat more can let the air smooth, ease of mind. 5 winter to eat mutton warm-up. Eat mutton in the winter can resist the cold, let our whole body warm up, than other supplements come true. Eat mutton taboos?. should not be eaten with vinegar sour vinegar has the role of convergence, is not conducive to the body Yang hair, eat mutton and make it the warming effect greatly reduced. 2 should not be the same with the pumpkin because the lamb and pumpkin are warm food, if put together to eat, very easy to get angry". 3 bogey and watermelon with the same food to eat watermelon easy to eat watermelon". Taste sweet and hot mutton, cold after eating watermelon, not only greatly reduce the mutton warming effect, and that the spleen and stomach. 4 bogey and tea with fresh tea is the lamb "nemesis". Eat the mutton tea, will make the tannic acid protein, intestinal motility, stool moisture reduction, and then induced constipation. Radish mutton pot ingredients – Lamb 600g 2 carrot wine accessories 5g 2 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon ginger salt soy sauce 1 teaspoon 3 cloves of garlic millet pepper 2 octagonal 3 onion 12 root 1 mutton cold water pot, add onion, remove after the rest of the 2 kinds of green onions and cut into sections, ginger cut a large garlic strip, star anise rinse, carrot peeled cut hob block 3 pot heat oil, add ginger, garlic, star anise, onion saute mutton into 4 pieces, stir the fire 5 fried dried water transferred to soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine fragrance 6 blended with warm water, and then transferred to the 7 flat mutton casserole. Into the millet pepper boil, small fire simmer 8 minutes then add Hu Radish, radish stew cooked to the soft can be transferred to salt相关的主题文章: