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Sports-and-Recreation An autograph refers to a persons signature and the term is used in particular for the practice of collecting autographs of celebrities. An autograph is an entirely personal piece of writing that represents that person. But why do people collect celebrity autographs? Well, firstly as a race of human beings have always been massive collectors. Of course, some people are more interested in collecting things than others, but on the whole people do like to collect things. Whether it is music, stamps or shoes, we all have our weaknesses. So why is autograph collecting so popular? Well, it is a pastime that can be enjoyed by all generations, nationalities, races and ages and it can also provide an important link between the past and the present. Collecting can take on many forms depending on the collectors interests. As a celebrity saturated society, our fascination with celebrities and their lives has grown and grown. And when people meet a known celebrity they often want some sort of concrete evidence, even if it is only in a small way. The fascination with celebrities that we have as a society isnt likely to go away anytime soon, therefore autograph collecting can only be.e more popular. The excitement experienced when you get your first autograph is likely to spur you on to collect more and be.e a hobby that last a lifetime. Collecting autographs is a way of feeling close to a special person or event; it can help you to feel part of a celebritys world as well. Sometimes we can be.e so fascinated by a person or so in awe of a celebrity that we want to collect things associated with them as a sort of homage to them. We want to celebrate all the things that we like about them by owning something associated with them as a mark of respect or even as a form of worship. Autograph collecting can be a great way to record some of the history of a certain time. It is almost like collecting a moment in time and preserving a special moment or event. People get great pleasure from owning something of a person that they look up to. Autograph can be seen as a pastime or a fun hobby, but some people use it for financial means or even as way of making a living. Some people will pay a lot of money for a genuine autograph of their favourite star; therefore some people can make a profit from selling autographs. It can be a very pleasurable way of making a living and getting to meet lots of famous people. Autograph collecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all. The pastime highlights mans interest in others and their lives. As a media saturated society it is almost impossible not to be aware of the lives of celebrities and to be intrigued by them. Many of us are also interested in owning a piece of history or a memory of special occasion. If you are a collector of autographs or know someone who is then why not visit Genuine Memorabilia and browse their collection of over 6,000 signed pieces of memorabilia and signed photographs. The articles .e from the worlds of TV, film, politics, sport and music. Genuine Memorabilia boasts 100% genuine pieces that have been collected over 30 years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: