Who said that ran away Millet mix 130 thousand anger for his name darren hayes

Who said that ran away? Millet MIX 130 thousand anger for his name is the MIX millet millet’s most popular models, the three face side front screen design achievements of the "true flagship" name. However, in a few days ago, a "millet MIX run of only more than 90 thousand" news people fall glasses. Is the new flagship millet run king not in Ann bunny who stumbled? Millet MIX run practice, with millet MIX continued to put goods, Rice noodles get real machine too. Now, millet MIX users with a mobile phone to run, to prove millet MIX strength. Screenshot shows that millet MIX (Standard Version) of the run up to 134865 points, compared to the previous 90218 points, I really do not know where to go. Before running the results of the comparison, the new running test millet MIX 3D performance, UX system performance, CPU performance and RAM performance scores have been significantly improved, RAM performance of an increase of nearly 3000 points. However, even so, millet MIX does not seem to play due strength. You know, Xiaolong 821 models but had run out of more than 160 thousand points. Perhaps, millet is in order to stabilize and maintenance of life and some conservative.相关的主题文章: