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What kind of marriage, can from the WeChat public number "heart" in the original title reborn: what kind of marriage, can be derailed after the rebirth of | Lu Yue (Sina micro-blog @ Lu Yue Lu Yue) small | heart can get rid of such three mistakes, you can become more happy if the affair is like a car accident, then the marriage is not often die in a car accident, but because of "medical accident" to death. The marriage began an affair but in trauma, quack hands destroy his tail. Who is a quack? —- our own. Why does a marriage crisis happen, and it’s so hard to fix? A person is difficult because we play two roles: victims of vs Repair hurt us the most difficult to deal with, not from the front but was behind the attacks, a knife, and this man was seen as our protector, nourish and cherish. At this point we enter the most confusing stage of life: who is this person? People who love me or kill me? If you love me, why do you want to poke a knife; if you do not love me, why do you want to close to me? At this point, it is very difficult for us to come out from the victim, a surgeon to rebuild the marriage, this is like a car accident to the doctor, she was in a semi conscious state, it is difficult to assume the responsibility of surgery. At the other end, as the derailment, he is undoubtedly the most painful moments in life, he will encounter two emotional storms, one is external, one is internal. He is also a victim, and worse, his pain is difficult to get other people’s empathy, because he looked as though he is a murderer, and the murderer should have died. Dead marriage often died of these two roles: the first kind of collocation error error: vs the worst victims of the victims is decided completely derailed, standing in the position of the victim, let cheaters bear the repair of the role. This time, the party gave up completely on their own responsibility, and let a own emotions are not pocket who served as surgeon of the marriage, the result is further hurt, so a "medical accident" and a "medical accident", the final result is the disintegration of marriage. The temptation of the victim’s role is: I was injured, so I became a child, you have to take full responsibility, you have to put my emotions and wound repair. Because you made a mistake, so this is what you should do, if you do not do, that you are not sincere. Completely immersed in the role of the victim, can help us from harm, and will hope to rescue. But the question is, who will save you? In the derailment, derailed party betrayed the pain; cheating side is discredited, two people are afflicted by cheaters, want to be derailed by a party to show sincerity; and hope to be derailed derailed on a side show tolerance. Two people to see themselves as victims. Second mistakes: the victim vs savior man is cheating, after a period of struggle, he decided to come back, before begging wife suddenly)相关的主题文章: