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I understand life and love is all together in hot springs (peacock City real estate information Xindu) 63-160 square meters spa mansion open livable life what is happiness? Some people say: "happiness is a cat eat fish, dog meat, Altman played a small monster". Some people say: "happiness is nestled in the mother’s arms warm sweet". Some people say: "happiness is to rely on the broad shoulders of the sweet lover". Some people say: "happiness is tender caress skin lovingkindness". Some people say: "happiness is parents face at the vicissitudes of respect". True happiness can not be described, it can only be realized, the deeper the more difficult to describe, because true happiness is not a collection of facts, but a state of continuity." And I said: "I understand the happy life is like everything together". Early morning, sunshine, green environment coincides with air and water, every green is Uland is seductive, Cecil strands, is the skin, like building like the grown in the soil, pushed the door open and coincides with the natural green environment, encounter. Around the three parks, acres of plain forest, get up early, and the children in the super marathon green road to see the birds eat insects. Morning, corn, sweet potato, pastoral farming fun eggplant, lettuce, rape, natural green farm, happy paradise, picking delicious healthy fruits and vegetables, the child’s natural classroom, all organic farm in Quan Bao family. Leisure time to accompany their parents to make a return to pastoral farmer is not have kuaizai. At noon, shower bath, noon back with green grass and earthy, washed, do not remove the breath of nature. Hot water wash Ningzhi, Haoshou bath back to evergreen. From the ground 1400 meters of fluorine silicon hot spring water, run a good life. Afternoon, keep reading meaning lazy afternoon time is belong to you. Happy library, immersed in the book world, and she met you; Lake walking, blow my mind tired, looking for the meaning of life. In the evening, a family party drove, 10 minutes, accompanied by their parents with children and his wife came to the well-being of the harbor. To accompany the child to play, to accompany his wife to go shopping, to accompany the elderly to dinner, all the happiness and love are all together, in the spring of Xindu peacock city. A new generation of super livable town 10 minutes step by step round the full range of supporting the peacock City, a new generation of super livable town to the "two minutes" as the planning standards, to create a 10 minute lap and a living circle of 10 minutes. 10 minutes walk, up to the Super Green Road, community park, community life center (community clubs, community kindergartens, community clinics, 24 hour convenience stores, fresh vegetable market etc.), meet the owners, the elderly and children, pets and daily life activities demand. 10 minutes by car, up to the city level: happy harbor, happy school, happy hospital, five star hotel, venture building, planning exhibition hall, Central Park, etc.. Household hot springs, the suburban railway to the door, a building area of 63-160 square meters spa mansion two to four ranks, in Beijing, opened a livable life! Details Tel: 400-819-1111 to 644282相关的主题文章: