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The girl is not willing to marry Chinese male: chest no hair the "newspaper" has published articles, discussion of "why not marry Chinese western female male" this interesting problem. No hair on the chest has become an obstacle to the important reasons for love.   why don’t Western women marry Chinese men? The question of why Western women do not want to marry Chinese men, starting from the issue of a foreign girlfriend. She posted on the forum, said he lived in China for some time, found that there are few Western women and Chinese men dating, but occasionally encounter exceptions. On the contrary, we see a lot of foreign men and Chinese women together, especially in Beijing, Sanlitun. Why is this happening? On this topic, in fact, there have been a lot of discussion, then, what exactly is the foreign women look at this issue? Many foreign female users have started each one airs his own views. Here are some of the reasons why they don’t want to marry Chinese men. Why not marry? Do not love to do housework is not good enough, a British university professor said that through the contact with the Chinese men feel that Chinese men have a strong desire for dominance and leadership, they also expect to be respected. Chinese men’s way of thinking is more complex, not as straightforward as the Western man, so many times it is difficult to understand how the Chinese men’s ideas. "I think Chinese men are more feminine than Western men, and that’s not enough," said a Swedish blonde who has lived in China for a long time. Western girls are taller than most Chinese men, and men tend to Chinese than big, also is the so-called ‘skeleton’. A girl doesn’t want to own than her man "tall ‘, while men do not love their women are smaller." She also mentioned, "many Western women are quite independent, in the family often share the housework with her husband. In many Chinese cities, women have to take on all the housework (even if she has a full-time job), but also for dinner. Their men will not help her, only the Shanghai men do not like this. It is too hard to do this for Western women who are trying to integrate into different Chinese societies. At least I can’t do it." There are female friends that China men too inferiority, and attributed the inferiority as "shy, were spoiled, conservative, romantic and poor communication". There are friends of God "summarized" Western woman to marry five factors, including: China man Chinese man not handsome, face peace, like a Western man as a rugged, angular. Chinese men are not sexy, no hair on the chest, thin tender, smooth smooth light. Chinese men are not humorous enough, which is the most difficult to understand western women. The Chinese man is not good enough, and the British style is hard to see in Chinese men. Chinese man considerate enough, although Chinese is afraid of wife, but not good at caring wife. More discussion is focused on the advantages of the family is very much less than men, so in the end in the eyes of foreign women, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese men? Foreign women’s positive comments on Chinese men.相关的主题文章: