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Wenzhou Dong Huan media mergers and acquisitions – Sohu pictures entertainment star recently, Wenzhou Dong Huan culture media Co., Ltd. and Shandong star culture media Co., Ltd and Wenzhou film investment Federation "join hands to create a better future" and the new project launch news conference in Wenzhou held a grand dream River hotel. With Wenzhou Dong Huan pictures created by Yongjia media merger Juxing star boss precedent Wenzhou Dong Huan culture media and Shandong star pictures, Wenzhou is the industry that is a sign of great leap forward development of Chinese new media industry, is by the two companies in the new media brought an important position in the domain, and the key role the play. Wenzhou Dong Huan culture media and Shandong is located in the South and North Star Pictures trend, the company enjoys very high attainments in the field of film art. Huan Huan culture media is a film and television drama investment, shooting, distribution, film shooting, new media marketing, event planning, celebrity endorsements, such as an integrated media company. The two is undoubtedly the recent joint Wenzhou film and television culture attractive explosive news, star boss to join also created a precedent in Yongjia. Two companies after the merger ushered in the three star. Vice chairman of the famous actor Zong Fengyan, executive vice president Wang Yan Su, artistic director, Lv Jiarong. With the signing ceremony of the two companies, Huan East culture media chairman Xu Ce and Zong mineiwa Juxing pictures chairman said: "between North and south, age of complementary, join hands and create a better future". The scene came to join the insiders and fans in a continuous line, many mainstream media live coverage of the epoch-making ceremony. All aspects of cooperation in Dong Huan culture media and the future of the road is full of stars’ expectations. There is no doubt that with the continued expansion of the influence of the Internet, the new media film is bound to become China’s most market potential of the film form. This new field, because of the East Huan culture media and other enterprises involved in the strength and become more vibrant. Today, the new media film on the Internet has been more and more attention, many films have hit a high click through rate, pay record ratings have been rewritten. Indeed, the new media has the film started down the network, to enter the real cinema. Dong Huan culture media chairman Xu Ce said: "we will remember our mission, positive enterprising, to promote the development of film culture in Wenzhou area and continuous efforts, at the same time, the two companies hope to a positive role for the development of film culture exchange north and South after the merger". Wenzhou Film Investment Association to promote the prosperity and development of Wenzhou film industry conference site, Wenzhou Film Investment Association President Huang Chen and Dong Huan culture media chairman Xu Ce has been awarding ceremony, as president Huang Chen said, to hold together the strong cooperation, will inject new vitality into the development of cultural industry in Wenzhou. In recent years, the municipal government will be the cultural and creative industries as ten emerging industries focus on creating, encouraging private capital in Wenzhou, to cultivate a group of high level animation R & D production enterprises and institutions, accelerate the construction of animation industry base. Wenzhou film and television Investment Association, the main purpose is to further unite the film and television resources in Wenzhou, the formation of joint development, the integration of film and television and finance"相关的主题文章: