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Weishi, a truck collided with a tanker of 40 tons of diesel oil tanker leak fire Washington media reporter Wang Chun reported on September 25th, near Zhangzhuang village Weishi County Road on a truck and a car collided, causing the tanker fire, 40 tons of diesel oil leakage. Critical moment, Weishi fire brigade rushed to the rescue, and successfully defuse dangerous situations. 4 pm the same day, Weishi county fire brigade received the alarm call, Wei Chuan Zhen Zhang Zhuang village near the road on a truck and a car collided, the accident caused a fire truck, 40 tons of diesel oil spill site in need of rescue. Weishi County Fire Brigade captain Zhou Peng quickly led the two bubble cars, two water tankers and 21 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to dispose of the first time. After arriving at the scene, Zhou Peng ordered to pull up the cordon, urging people to leave the dangerous area around. After preliminary investigation that due to road construction, a load of 40 tons of construction supply car parked on the roadside, a 120 ton semi-trailer truck driving and tanker collided, a huge impact on the tanker instantly triggered a fire, 40 tons of diesel oil leakage. The soldiers divided into warning group, the fire fighting group, water group, rescue group, communications security group, security group to assist the traffic police police station, to ease traffic and site security, fire fighting group using a single bubble car trunk two foam gun for tanker fighting, water use of water tankers to supply the group bubble cars, communications security site security group communication and command unobstructed, on-site rescue group to coordinate the construction of units deployed tanker. The tanker is leaking, leaking diesel flows into the drainage ditch to form a "flowing fire", a large number of firewood piled up around the endanger, plus the drainage ditch above the cement board cover, direct fire fighting difficult. Zhou Peng quickly established "plugging fire plan", ordered the rescue personnel first coordination area police station deployed two forklifts, 50 cubic meters of sand to reinforcements, and then both ends of cement board opened, will fill in the sand drains the fire extinguishing block. At the same time, on-site rescue group cooperative police station, the car will guide the deployment of vehicle accidents in oil export. After nearly 6 hours of intense fighting, the fire was successfully controlled, the danger was ruled out. At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation. (Video: Bianliang Evening News), binlai express a tanker rollover fire相关的主题文章: