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"We have come to the" Captain Yuan Hong Wang Han – Mongolia eye Pictures Entertainment Sohu   captain blindfolded pictures Sohu entertainment news this Friday Hunan TV, "we have come to the" great beauty of Tengchong will continue to tour in Yunnan country, feel the charm of colorful Yunnan. Hot summer, the scorching heat, the male god goddess who came to the swimming pool, for a cool summer". The two men of God captain blindfolded pictures, is staged comedy drama, laughing. Thousands of people in the middle of the summer goddess of fresh air and the captain of the eyes of the camera to take pictures of joy, according to the program group revealed that the current program ten guests came to the pool side, began the most suitable for the summer water games. Swimming in the swimming pool of the goddesses like a lotus, the two men of God captain is handsome. The goddess are dressed in cool and cool costumes. Angie Chiu a red swimsuit show charming; dressed in sexy one-piece Carina Lau energetic; Jiang Yiyan wearing a floral swimsuit, sitting on the shore to swim, cute. The goddesses are like water elves, so a beautiful landscape seems to bring a little cool to the hot Tengchong. Hot pool party is about to open, taking photographs naturally is essential, keep beautiful moment. Link. But this time the water is not easy to take pictures of the task, the two men to the captain of the eyes to stand in the water on the buoy to lift the self timer shot, but also in the eyes are invisible, so that all members of the team into the mirror. Such a high degree of water on the game, the team captain can successfully complete the task, so that all people with the box success? Yuan Hong "all" no Wang Han shooting according to the United States to take photos in the mongolianeye link, the team captain photography battle intensified, originally Yuan Hong state brave, easy to put the team all captured, but Wang Han did not find the feeling, Joe Chen has been busy directing blinded eyes he has little effect. At this time, Yuan Hong wanted to "all" the Han brother, Wang Han made the trip, let him down on a buoy, but did not want to "help" the opponent, Wang Han Yuan Hong interference, but look for the right angle, successfully completed the task of taking pictures is blindfolded, ironically, full day effect. The water was bustling, fun, goddesses water play more beautiful. In the hot pool play links, ten guests and how will the dazzling performance? All content in the Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "to" we take you to see it!相关的主题文章: