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"We have come to the" star Jiang Yiyan staged backdraft outbreak – Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" in the city of Dalian will continue to be staged exciting content. In the tenth phase of the program, all the guests will be the embodiment of "Fire Hero", and the Dalian fire brigade soldiers jointly launched a thrilling journey. The stars gathered in the fire brigade, experiences and challenges when danger, sacrifice at the front of the occupation, and the fire fighters participated in the escape part of thrilling and exciting and fire fighting training. "100 m Echelon" star Jiang Yiyan training seriously underweight Canbei hose overwhelming in this program, all the guests came to the Dalian fire brigade, fire fighters have a glimpse of the handsome fierce fire drill, and a fire escape and drills and fire. Under the leadership of the fire fighters in the stars, completed the escape Domino game, so that the stars in the game, experience the thrill of adventure and excitement. Then the fire officers and soldiers and the stars of the common drill a "hundred meters Echelon" practice, the stars are very professional engaged in training, Jiang Yiyan also seriously to the fire fighters in the study, told Jiang Yiyan how to correctly use firefighters fire equipment, she was a very heavy water down, which makes Jiang Yiyan lost unceasingly. Frustrated Jiang Yiyan with a hose, squatting on the side, ask how to do around Xi Mengyao, suddenly a strange wind struck, and the water is too heavy, shenqingruyan Jiang Yiyan was immediately down, let Xi Mengyao next to see after the shock, even called terrible". The stars of avatar hero Jiang Yiyan strange force over FireWire Kuanglan embrace this week "to the" we will carry out a hitherto unknown experience in the Dalian fire brigade, fire fighters and the stars exercise a thrilling and exciting "hundred meters Echelon" exercises, handsome heroic firefighters Peigemoqi, professional division of labor cooperation. The spirit went ahead, let the stars like the sound constantly, heartfelt admiration. In the course of the exercise of fire fighters, in every way through the barriers of fire fighters have to add a "burst", the real sense of the real stand now, without the knowledge of the stars was the sudden explosion scared pale, but always timid Jiang Yiyan is even scared hat crooked, funny scene, stars laughing. The stars turn into "Fire Hero", Wang Han and Xi Mengyao first began to move, the scene is very shocking, the orange fire service in the blaze is more dazzling. The frail Jiang Yiyan in the rear, hard carrying guns, as Wang Han and Xi Mengyao control gun in front of the backing, in the single plank bridge, because the water accidentally slid to the ground, the fire team can not move forward, but at the moment, the breeze blow down to Jiang Yiyan, "the sudden outbreak of body force" to save up, filled with water after more heavy water, very brave. Jiang Yiyan at the critical moment, to a miracle, will fall to save water, a fire team can move forward, successfully extinguished the fire, the key to achieve good results. The stars in this period of Dalian’s heroic journey, but also bring thrilling story? The stars get along well with the fire fighters!相关的主题文章: