Water Pui Village 200 million demolition survey Villagers choose accelerated non cash compensation douke

"Water Pui Village 200 million demolition survey: Villagers choose accelerated cash compensation without water Pui Village demolition construction area of more than 160 thousand square meters of the original title: water Pui Village is the first village Chinese jewelry Shuibei village 200 million yuan relocation compensation storm survey recently in the online heat transfer Shenzhen water Pui Village 200 million yuan relocation compensation" the event attracted much attention. The latest news from the official show, Shenzhen water Pui Village was nearly 200 million cash removal compensation is a rumor! October 26th 23, the Baoan police also announced that the law according to the law of the detention of the villagers in the village of compensation for the spread of water to compensate for at least $200 million per cent of the rumors of illegal suspects. So, in the end is how the rumors come out? Rumors in the water Pui Village in the end is what kind of place? Demolition compensation in the end is how? Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday rushed to the village of Shenzhen water field visits. Visit: water Pui Village demolition area of 160 thousand square meters BYD reporter saw yesterday afternoon in Shuibei village scene, is to promote the renewal of the city of Shenzhen Luohu District water bay village is located in the North Wenjin Road, adjacent to the Honghu Park, is located on the eastern side, gathering area portal position in Shuibei gold jewelry industry. Water Pui Village, a total demolition of the building area of more than 160 thousand square meters, compensation is also more than 160 thousand square meters, of which the majority of residential, commercial area accounted for only a small part. Since the evening of 23, "Shenzhen water Pui Village received nearly 200 million cash compensation for the demolition", "night of the birth of 600 Billionaires", "on the ruins of table 530 Poon Choi feast" series of news spread on the Internet, water Pui Village became "Red Village", at the same time, a suspected water bay the village demolition compensation checks and heat transfer on the network. The afternoon of October 25th, Shuibei industrial Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Xingxiang said the rumor network transmission, water Pui villagers awarded 200 million demolition rumors. "Water Pui Village more than 1 thousand people, all movements, no cash compensation." Zhang Xingxiang said the demolition agreement demolition compensation ratio is 1:1, the villagers were mostly in the area of more than and 100 square meters. Police: has three pass rumors were sentenced to administrative detention on 5 October 24th morning, Baoan police received the alarm, said: netizens release entitled "Shenzhen Shuibei village demolition compensation, each at least 200 million" article, suspected of spreading rumors, the WeChat public number, such as micro-blog and Sina circle of friends from the media and a lot of attention forwarding, Baoan police investigation immediately. After verification, the content of the article is untrue, false information. Baoan police have lawfully summoned the information and release the suspect out of a heron (female, 27 years old, Hunan people), the wish of a (male, 30 years old, Cantonese), Gao Mouhua (male, 23 years old, Hunan people). After the trial, the three confessed to enhance the WeChat public number of hits, from out of a heron writing, I wish a review, Gao Mouhua revised and published, spread rumors of illegal facts. Currently, the Baoan police have three people sentenced to administrative detention according to law 5. Villagers: the site is not large Catholic feast folk feast for water Pui Village construction site a large Catholic feast, yesterday, water Pui Village many villagers, a large Catholic feast is a folk traditional water Pui Village local, from the ancestors has been held for hundreds of years. Every year the Catholic feast time set.相关的主题文章: