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"Warrior armor king" catching "fire scorpion commandos" hero movie entertainment Sohu – led "warrior armor trap" fire Scorpion King "commandos" entertainment Sohu in recent years in the domestic film market, film Hero has been one of the most types of audience love, martial arts, in these films in combat action, fully and delightfully sincere to the meat, real and vivid scenes of people after reading very enjoyable. Two excellent Chinese action movie hero was born in Shanghai in 2016 by the Teana Television Culture Communication Co. Ltd. jointly produced, a special military theme is the modern movie "fire scorpion commandos", another is the domestic real big movie "hyper hero armor warriors fishing king", two different types of theme the movie has all become a leader in the same field. The movie "fire" by scorpion commandos Meng? Directed by modern special military theme movie, the film in Beijing on September 21, 2016 officially fixing, the whole film out of love and hatred in recent years common urban content, mainly in the blood of the hero theme, opened a new China young commando mystery and legend to everybody! It is understood that the fire scorpions team will be a strong landing in late 12, the audience do look forward to. The movie "warrior armor king" is catching new domestic real big movie ad hoc hero directed by Zheng Guowei, although has recently been on the line, but the reputation and popularity is still soaring. As a national day of this year’s hottest reality animation works, "warrior armor king" catch the action scenes to a specific scene is called the same type of film as the acme of perfection, in the textbook model. The two part spread by Shanghai Teana Television Culture Co. Ltd. jointly produced the film, in their respective fields are excellent works, not only has a profound foundation on making innovation action scenes and plots, more for rethinking and evaluation of the word hero. I believe we will be careful in the taste of the two films, and found that this is really a reflection of the educational significance of the film industry is the industry’s conscience!   相关的主题文章: