Warm-up – Frank Lampard Broke The Backs Strange Lob Thailand 4-0 Chelsea -pp点点通2006

Football Following the last game after starting the Malaysian Star team, Torres once again the starting lineup, replaced by his partner Stuart Ritchie, Anelka. In midfield, Frank Lampard, Mikel, Karen Mackay formed the avant-garde lines. Boa Si at the back of the main defender launched its own portfolio, by Terry partner Ivanovic. 7 minutes, Frank Lampard out on the left corner, Stewart Ritchie is no penalty points volley hit. 10 minutes, Frank Lampard on the right corner to the front of the high-hanging, head the ball over the goalkeeper, Stuart Ritchie did not top the back door to the empty capitals. The first 12 minutes, Anelka closed out before the cross with the goalkeeper after a left foot volley to get. The first 14 minutes, Stewart Ritchie to break through to the restricted area on the left side foot volley far post. The first 20 minutes, Torres assigned to the restricted area after continuous shaking right before Anelka left foot right foot volley smash, the ball is back with the head he denied. 22 minutes, Anelka offside before knocking Torres cross, but the ball was passed back directly against the defender. The first 24 minutes, Anelka on the right start in the restricted line suddenly blasts from the right foot he missed. The first 26 minutes, Anelka received a long pass, restricted the right cross in front of Terry Tuishe break up, but Terry was sentenced to offside. 34 minutes, Torres was denied a penalty point Tuishe, blank range after the post is gone. 38 minutes, Torres volley ball left the restricted area not marked strength. 39 minutes, Anelka ball, Lampard right foot before the sudden arc into the bottom left corner Shi Leng Jian! Chelsea 1-0! During the break, Boa Si replaced by Hilario Cech. 49 minutes, a record of suspected Bosingwa on the right hanging doors pass the ball straight to goal after corner, the ball just rubs hands care goalkeeper, the ball hit the inside of the far post flew into the goal! Chelsea 2-0! Just over 3 minutes, 52 minutes, Ivanovic Road and Mackay with Karen to do after the two had a form single-handedly, he was the face of attack in the restricted line near corner of goalkeeper calm Tuishe score! Chelsea 3-0! 59 minutes, Stewart Ridge outside the area long-range flying. 61 minutes, Hilario saved twice in one shot. Then Zhirkov, Drogba, Benayoun, Ferreira, Ashley – Cole, Ray Yanukovych, Salomon Kalou, Malouda and other players were replaced. 63 minutes, the Thai military special Walla dart goal kick after corner, Hilario flying with one hand denied the ball. 66 minutes, Zhirkov cross struck the left, Benayoun volleyed the ball is kept in front of goalkeeper Puzhu. 72 minutes, Ashley – Cole Road Zhise, Malouda down the pitch to enter restricted areas of the keeper left Nushe score! Chelsea 4-0! 77 minutes, Ashley – Cole cross from the left, Drogba broke in front of collusion grab shot, but Ashley – Cole offside. The first 82 minutes, Zhirkov free-kick out on the left, a small area before Drogba shakes Leipzig tops. Final match will end Chelsea 4-0 victory over Thailand-Star team. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: