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Want to use the old Japanese warships Lamar Naguib insisted that Malaysia friendly to China original title: want to use the old warships Lamar Malaysia Naguib insisted that the friendly cooperation with China [Global Times correspondent in Japan, Global Times special correspondent blue Song Zhen Xiang] after just off India’s prime minister Modi, Japan 15, will usher in Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib. Japan’s "autumn diplomacy" busy scene, but always see the shadow of china. According to the news released by the government of Malaysia, Naguib will visit Japan from 15 to 17, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese Minister of land and transport minister Ishii Keiichi held talks. This will be Naguib’s fourth visit to Japan since taking office. Malaysia officials did not elaborate on the issues discussed in the meeting. Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that 14 of the countries around the South China Sea assistance measures to strengthen, as a response to the Chinese maritime activities, the Japanese government has basically decided to provide 2 large patrol the boat to Malaysia, Andouble is expected to announce the decision in the talks. This is an old ship used by the Japanese coast guard, a total length of 90 meters, will use the Japanese government development assistance loans for repairs, plans to be delivered in January next year, Malaysia. In addition, Japan is also trying to be held next year to join the Malaysia and Singapore high-speed rail plan to win the international competition, which is expected to become a topic of discussion. "Japan Times" said that although Malaysia and China in the South China Sea territorial disputes, the friendly relations between the two countries and other areas of the economy is strengthening. Earlier this month, Najib announced on a visit to China. Some critics say, Malaysia is after Philippines, Domino and a backward China. According to Malaysia’s "sun" reported on 14, 13 held the MCA sixty-third central Congress, signed during the visit on gross about 1440 ringgit (about 227 billion 900 million yuan) of the investment agreement, Naguib said, "the investment from Japan and the United States have what difference? (former Prime Minister) Mahathir told us to look east to Japan and South Korea to cooperate. I was in the east to see. I just put China on the list because it will be the world’s largest economy". Singapore today online website quoted Naguib as saying, to strengthen relations with China is inevitable, China can provide long-term loans to Malaysia, and ultimately benefit from the Malaysian side. Naguib this statement is aimed at the domestic Malaysia questioned the voice of China’s colonial. "Don’t bite the hand," Singapore "AsiaOne" website title of this article commented that the Malaysia people say what careful yellow culture, not sold his soul to Chinese, these words of racism, so friendly to China power is clearly not appropriate. You know, many ASEAN countries want to get such a huge investment from china. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: