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Think over the apple Siri and Microsoft Huna: Google is stepping up the development of sina voice assistant technology news Beijing time on October 31st morning news about six months ago, in view of California mountain in the United States headquarters staff, a gathering of many people responsible for the Pixel mobile phone hardware and Google Corporation internal voice assistant, to finalize the company’s first smart mobile phone details. The new seating arrangement that Google’s Alphabet is experiencing a greater change, eight years ago, the Google Corporation launched a mobile phone revolution, Android launched a mobile phone software, and let the manufacturers to do other development. Today, Google intelligent mobile phone software is running, the world 85% however, voice control is expected to replace the touch has become the main means of the use of handheld devices, therefore, the company is experimenting with different methods, and the Apple Corp will be closely integrated hardware and software of the same. Google Corporation Android operating system products vice president Blaine: Weiss (Brian Rakowski) said, based Pixel mobile phone hardware and assistant team every Friday together again, have a mobile phone camera product customization for the next sample. Their ambition is: let the voice digital assistant the company more than apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and other competitors. "We really want to make people feel, when you operate on the mobile phone assistant software, like Google is to information as natural," "Weiss said in an interview. From the integration of hardware and software to apple is the key to achieve this goal. It is important to be able to perform well in order to achieve some specific requirements, such as a good microphone, and a powerful processor for processing large amounts of data. It is not enough to create an application that requires a user to click multiple times. Close cooperation between hardware and software team, for details one by one treatment, such as when the user invokes the graphical display assistant, set up a series of rich and colorful, La Quaviski called it a "touch tone changing, give the home button to add a bit of vitality." Assistant is ready on the Pixel phone, just press the button or say "OK" (OK Google), it will immediately call up. The assistant software is integrated into the Pixel intelligent mobile phone, Google and other mobile phone manufacturers do not have to negotiate — they can follow their own ideas, "Ozlo CEO Joe Charles (Charles Jolley) said, in their production and company of the same name of a digital assistant. In order to ensure that users get the best possible experience, at least so far, the assistant will only appear in Google’s products, such as Pixel phone. However, in the long run, it is unclear whether Google will continue to do so, or return to the original mobile phone strategy, and risked reducing the risk of the user experience, try to bring products to millions of other manufacturers in the smart meter running Android software on the mobile phone. La Quaviski said that in order to ensure that the assistant software running on other phones相关的主题文章: