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Wang Ziwen in cooperation with Zu Feng again like the other is "old artist" (Figure) – Beijing, Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen photo source: tablets offer Beijing Beijing on 22 September, (reporter Lou Xiao) September 21st, Jiangsu TV drama "double" held in Beijing Broadcasting conference. Producer Yang Li, director Mou Xiaojie, screenwriter Joe soldiers and starring in full attendance, such as Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Cao Zheng. Once together in the "Ode to joy" of Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen in the "double" has become a pair of husband and wife, described in this work, Wang Ziwen believes that when the "singularity" hit "Song demon", style is a "China version of the Smith couple". "Double" in the liberation of Chengdu in 1949 as the background, tells the story of Peng Gang (Zu Feng), Wu Peixin (Prince gloze) the identity agent couples the story of grief at separation and joy in union opposition. The "double contradiction" is the faith and family, also represents a turning point in the fate of the husband and wife two people part company each going his own way. As a "double" the heroine, Zu Feng Wang Ziwen, the 13 year old age difference, let this couple to play is both familiar and strange, Wang Ziwen and Zu Feng has said, "in fact," double "cooperation as early as in the" Ode to joy "." Provide the event pictures compared play spy game with Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen said many of the face for the first time in the "double", "shooting the first spy drama, the first serious acting wife, wife and mother." Wang Ziwen’s command action team captain Wu Peixin in the film career, and her husband Peng just stood in opposition, "I often call to the director, asked why she was doing so many extreme things, the director said, at that time, human emotion is very pure, very direct, I also through a period of time to understand the doings of her, her inner struggle is the biggest." Conference site, Zu Feng was also a difference of 13 years old, Wang Ziwen ridicule as the old artist". In this regard, Zu Feng expressed considerable pressure, hope to challenge different roles and role, "every actor will face such a problem, will be marked with a certain tag, I do not think that every actor should have the potential of heart is not developed, the audience saw not the ability of all." Photo film starring provide when asked by the media "network violence" this hot topic, Zu Feng claimed to understand the point of life is funny, "I live in this circle, but I don’t mix this circle. Now the pace of life so fast, we will have some psychological pressure, not just the actor in this line." Wang Ziwen said bluntly, "encountered, way is not to see the pictures!" It is reported that from September 29th onwards, starring Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen partner Spy Drama "double emotional life" will be broadcast on Jiangsu TV happy theater. (end)相关的主题文章: