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Wang Yiwei: The Belt and Road reshape the economic globalization discourse author Wang Chongyang Institute of finance, Renmin University of China, a senior researcher. "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, causing the world’s hot, in countries along the positive response at the same time, is also facing some questions. Questioned. Referring to the west, that "The Belt and Road" construction is the rise of the great powers strategy, and compare with the history of Holland, Japan, UK, Chinese analysis strategy and its control. In fact, the use of modern western discourse system to understand the "The Belt and Road" is totally inconsistent with the actual. First of all, "The Belt and Road" carrying the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s dream of a hundred years, but Chinese revival is not involved in the revival of a country, is the revival of civilization, so we can not use the "rise of great powers" logic to understand; secondly, "Belt and Road Initiative involved and resolved, development the problem is far from Chinese individual countries, is a global problem, such as poverty, inequality, global governance, solve global challenges in innovative ways, it is also an important way to boost the realization of the goal of sustainable development of the United Nations in 2030. "The Belt and Road" construction of all-round opening up strategy China proposed, "to jointly build and share" principle, in order to oyf along the 65 countries, 4 billion 400 million of the population to establish a comprehensive three-dimensional interconnection consisting of railway, highway, aviation, marine, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines and communication network traffic through the network, and the industrial agglomeration and radiation effect the formation of construction industry, metallurgy, energy, finance, communications, logistics, tourism and other comprehensive development of the economic corridor, through policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade flow, financing, and other people connected to the "five links" to promote trade and investment facilitation, deepen economic and technological cooperation, the establishment of the free trade area, and ultimately the formation of the Eurasian market. The energy corridor focus on commodity pricing, logistics and financial corridor focus on Trade and investment standards right, financing is to promote the RMB internationalization area, Internet, smart grid and silk road construction will promote the formation of e-commerce world trade rules, vigorously promote the system of international discourse of Chinese. One, "The Belt and Road boost out of the" western center theory "of ancient Greece produced in ancient Rome, ancient Rome Christian Europe, Christian Europe Renaissance, the Renaissance is the enlightenment, the Enlightenment has created political democracy and the industrial revolution. Democracy and hybrid industries further gave birth to the United States, which reflects the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". University of Oxford professor Peter Francopan found that this popular saying just western political, cultural and ethical victory is not the truth of history pet phrase. In his new book, "the Silk Road: the new world outlook" wrote: "for thousands of years, it is between eastern and western regions, namely Europe and the Pacific together constitute the earth axis area". The foreword of the book wrote, in this area, the world a great religion was born, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism All flowers bloom together. It was Zai Liang相关的主题文章: