Wang Qihang 7 days of sailing massive benefits for the motherland mother’s

"Wang Qihang" 7 days of sailing massive benefits for the motherland mother to celebrate the birthday of the motherland to have, we are not to have waited for their birthday. In the country to celebrate this day, Mobile Games licensed "nautical Wang Qihang" prepared a generous gift for everyone. In addition to the new special activities "lying cloth exchange house" best debut, the top race war integral will also be started, and a variety of free welfare package feedback, ensure that each game player in this holiday to inextricably bogged down in. Lying in the house of the right to redeem any items taken from September 29th to October 13th, lying to the room to open all the free exchange of players. Game player can rely on the collection of "National Medal" and "National Day reception" right to exchange goods, all kinds of stone, crystal package and high order exclusive equipment everything, even including SS fragments of partners. For the "National Day Medal" and "National Day reception" can get through the game in a variety of ways to participate in the celebration of the national day to send gifts activities, the copy of the fall and open National Day gift box etc.. Refers to the attention of the "National Day Medal" and "National Day reception" only active during the period, do not forget to exchange oh. Integral challenge top battle earned gifts long seven day holiday will certainly give yourself a bit of fun, the top integral battle challenge is definitely the best choice. In the "maritime Wang Qihang" top decisive gameplay, as long as the player to complete the corresponding system tasks, you can get the material and reward points. When the score reaches a certain value, you can get active Festival envelopes and senior spar packages, each file only received 1 awards. At the same time, the end of the first stage of the top battle system, the top five game player will receive a precious life spar. When National Day gift supernova reward "nautical Wang Qihang" version 7 release will have the story forward to the new world, the corresponding figures naturally debut. During the National Day celebrations, reward announcement will be limited release of the new world supernova reward task, the completion of these tasks can get national medal. The most important thing is that one of the four members of the Royal Navy will also be a member of the Pirates of the black into the lucky pointer, the role of debris and massive gold coins to get you. At the same time, National Day Limited gift will also on sale in stores, in addition to diamond and pirate lunch, and access to the "National Day Medal" and "National Day reception". The seven day National Day holiday, "voyage Wang Qihang" massive welfare activities help the majority of game player for the motherland mother’s birthday, bringing people together!相关的主题文章: